Thought I'd share this with you guys :)

The game is a little frustrating at times because you'll know how to counter the argument but can't figure out what the game wants you to do to counter the argument...  But overall it's a fun diversion.  I've also finally had Kant explained to me in a way I can (almost) understand.

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I agree! It felt like a fun introduction to some major philosophical schools of thought about morality.

As for the game only accepting one course of rebuttal to an argument, I specifically felt frustrated not being able to question the existence of gods in countering the argument that "goodness comes from the gods".

This might help with frustration at the very end of the game: in the last argument, you need to examine one of the statements closely, which reveals two new ones, then examine one of the new ones to update it into a form that can be successfully challenged.

Also, I was disturbed by the gratuitous "punching" fight sounds that accompany shouted dialogue, as if linking intellectual debate to the "Dominator Culture" violence that's in many other games. Fortunately it's possible to turn down the sound effects.

Thanks to Joan Denoo for posting some links to information about many philosophical theories of the source of morality!

(From "Politics, Economics, and Religion")

Here are some links to information about soures of morality

Major Moral Theories

(1) Utilitarianism

(2) Kantianism

(3) Social Contract Theory

(4) Virtue Ethics

(5) Care Ethics/Ethics of Care/Feminist Ethics (Esp. Carol Gilligan)

(6) One Concern: Moral Relativism -

Jonathan Figdor  16 October 17:33
AHA!@Stanford: Sources of Morality Discussion

To which Loren Miller added: "And one more, Joan: Consequentialism."
[ ]

thanks for the links

Thanks - really nice game

Thanks for posting it, Kacie.

It's a lot like real philosophy: nothing much happens.

They should call it "Waiting for Godot"




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