Aug. 23, 2012 -- Adding to a long saga of scandal, the United Kingdom's Prince Harry was photographed naked in a hotel room in Las Vegas last Friday (Aug. 17). And like almost every photo of a celebrity sans clothes taken with a smartphone, the photos were leaked to the Internet.

Prince Harry has had his fair share of public embarrassments throughout his life. But when it comes it royals behaving badly, he's certainly not the only prince to have a history of hijinks, to say the least.

See the photos at the link below:

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I can't think of worst hijinks than his ancestor Henry VIII who manipulated religion and murdered wives in support of his hijenks.  Royals are simply human and not gods or even ordained by gods.

Harry is cool.

I met him at O'Reilly's pub in Earls Court, London in 2005 when I was a drinker. I shook his hand and can't remember what I said to him. He liked going to common establishments with his all-male entourage at that time. He came to see a singer/guitarist play.


Cool story Napoleon.

Sounds like he likes to be down to earth I suppose.

Let me think about this. A single guy in his mid-twenties is in Las Vegas, which is not known for being a cloistered monastery. He's partying rather hardily with at least one, if not more, naked women in a hotel room on the strip. Anyone ever see the movie The Hangover? He sounds like my kind of guy!

I saw the Hangover - funny movie!

In fact - that movie came to mind as I read about his partying.

Maybe there was a tiger in the bathroom. Hehe

You think he invited Mike Tyson to party with him? More power to him if he did.

That's a good thing Patricia. We need more down to earth royals.

You're allowed to be naked inside of your room. Isn't that why we rent rooms?

That's how those tabloids make money - they are always minding other people's business.


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