If they'd made it look as if the elevator was falling, people might have had a heart attack.

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That would freak me out!!  Thanks for sharing Ruth. A great deal of planning must have gone into that.

Awesome Ruth! Thanks!

A shit-hole where I used to work had a broken elevator that kept getting stuck between floors. Someone backed an electric cart up to the door and forced it open to get the guy out. The floor of the elevator was about four foot higher than the floor the cart was on. The guy in the elevator stepped out onto the electric cart bed which flipped up because it wasn't latched properly. Somehow the guy caught himself from falling though the open door which was ~40 feet above the bottom. Even after that happened people still took the elevator - of course only a few of us knew it happened. They didn't distribute accident reports. I stopped taking the elevator months before that happened and was in good shape from walking up and down the 7 floors multiple times a day. It took over a year for them to fix the elevator. I made a sticker that said "emergency urinal" that I stuck on a small removable floor plate. It didn't even last half a day before it was removed.

That's an amusing commercial, but is inappropriate (to say the least) as most practical jokes are. 

Whoaa! A good thing that it last only seconds, but it's a big scare if I can draw conclusions from the people leaving the elevator.




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