Got a few seconds to waste? Try a little quiz to see if you can see who's a serial killer or a computer geek. I only got 6 right out of 10.    Programming Language Inventor or Serial Killer

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I scored 8/10, as well.  Interesting tid-bits!
8/10, but that was only because I guessed that the grainiest pictures might be of the killers. The faces told me nothing at all.



You can kind of pick the dodgy looking ones... :)

I scored 4/10! But I know nothing about either subject.
Managed 7/10, myself, though David Berkowitz was (you'll pardon the pun) a dead giveaway!
Oh my goodness, I only got 5/10. Ironically, the more famous of the language inventors were the ones I thought were serial killers. Oopsy!

8/10.  Fun.

4/10 ... Man I'm awful at that game.




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