If you are associated with religion and especially a fundamentalist religion, doubt is intolerable.  Certainty, however it may be achieved or imposed, becomes a necessary element, especially considering the utter dearth of any form of evidence or other means of substantiation religions suffer from.  Doubt can lead to questioning, questioning to investigation, and investigation to that awkward discovery that the emperor is indeed wearing nothing other than his birthday suit.  And that won't do.

The need to punish doubt is, as a result, a stock component of religious practice.  This fact hasn't escaped the attention of YouTube producer, TheraminTrees, who has delivered for our edification and enjoyment, a comprehensive look at doubt and how religion attempts to expunge it from its ranks.

Please enjoy.

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Great one! Thanks!

Another excellent analysis by TheraminTrees about Doubt, Loren. I like the way he defines guilt that comes from doubt and is fed by scare tactics. His term that god or religion is a Holocaust Bystander. Instead of providers of evidence, the second hand stories supposedly should suffice. Doubts are not dangerous, disloyal or destructive. Thanks. 



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