The following was in the "Nation & World" section of today's Plain Dealer (9/5/2013):

Now someone tell me ... please ... could ANYONE talk out of both sides of their mouth about an issue as blatantly as Vladimir Putin has regarding his attitude toward gays, what laws the Russian DUMA has passed, and yet how tolerant he is supposedly going to be?!?

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So, some thugs beat up a gay man or woman at the games, all Puto has to do is say, "I had nothing to do with this and we are going to punish the culprit," when, in fact, they give him a medal and tell him to keep his mouth shut until the athletes go home. You cannot trust a KGB agent, especially one as ruthless as Puto was (and continues to be).

You can take the man out of the KGB, but you can't take the KGB out of the man ... sure as hell not when the man is this dipshit!

And the news today: Putin wants to take away the children of gay people, to protect them against their parents... I can only retch in a corner when I read that.

I truly wonder about people like this - that they have become so convinced that gay and Lesbian parents can't possibly be GOOD parents that they simply maintain that assumption and refuse to acknowledge data to the contrary ... of which there is more than a little.

Thanks for that story about the children of lesbian and gay parents, who turn out as well-adjusted as children of straight couples! (One young man interviewed talked about being a Republican, and how equal marriage fits within true conservative "family values".)

You right of course, but you know how they think: they prefer children away from gay people. That the children end up in care homes, that they miss their parents, that they are in danger of neglect, abuse and rape by staff and other wards, THAT is no concern of Putin and his friends. They'll never understand that about one in every ten people is gay, or they would give up the whole plan as impossible .


"It damages the children, says Dale O'Leary, author of "One Man, One Woman: A Catholics Guide to Defending Marriage." She says that all children have a natural desire for a parent of each gender."
"O'Leary says she doesn't personally know any same-sex parents or their children. That's the problem, some children of same-sex children say. So many people are talking about them; not enough are talking to them, they say."

The problem with O'Leary's belief is it is based on prejudgement and superstition. I know many children raised by same-sex parents and they can be as healthy as those raised by healthy mothers and fathers. The problems arise when the parents, whether same-sex or mothers and fathers are conflicted, children can suffer confusion and anger from unresolved conflicts.

"I believe in family values, but family is about taking care of your children and respecting one another ... It doesn't matter what your sexual orientation is."
~ Jesse Levey, part of the "gayby boom" generation.

Gun-toting soccer Mom found shot dead

This is an old article, but is an example of unresolved conflicts between parents and the consequences to children. I wonder how they are doing? 

In places where fundamentalism runs rampant, I do truly wonder, Patricia.  Places where Islam holds sway I would expect to need 200 years or more.  Russia may be a bit less, but it has other problems it has to overcome as well.  The US isn't at the tip of the arrow by any means, but at least we're not back at the nock!




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