It has been 6 month now since I signed up for Atheist Nexus membership. The past year has been sort of a bi-polar wave of emotions for me. I hope I wasn't offensive to the folks on here and I think I have been but I don't know to who. My desire was to head on into the world of Atheist Nexus and free-thoughts without inhibitions, to risk being criticized and learn and change. And I have had some questions I been meaning to ask and so now I do ask......

What does it mean when a member ask to "Friend" you?

Do Atheist Nexus members contact each other via other ways besides through Nexus Atheist?... like their own emails?

What do you hope to achieve by being here?

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A couple answers:

  • Friending someone gives you access to their A|N internal email account.  If it does anything beyond that, I'm not aware of it.
  • I have several A|N friends' emails here, some because we had private matters we wanted to talk about, others because of the problems NING was having and keeping people informed about what was going on with both NING and A|N.
  • What do I want to accomplish? 
    1. Give expression to my own feelings and opinions regarding atheism and other issues.
    2. Inform others of atheism and other issues I learn about outside of A|N
    3. Learn from other A|N members.
    4. Help out where I can.

Off the top of my head, that's about it.

When you friend someone, they appear on the list of friends on your profile page for easy connection. You can send private messages, instead of just public comments. I only get emails outside of AN when there are site problems, but this surely varies by member. Atheist Nexus is a safe-from-trolls community where I can share news or views to discuss, photos, videos, etc. I share my traumas mostly, in Hang With Friends or Dark Atheists. Other people share experiences and views, which I appreciate. For me, AN is also a place to exercise my hobby, using Photoshop to express myself. 

Thomas, I doubt that you have offended anyone.  Im very glad you are on here and Im very glad that you post.  People are going to disagree sometimes, which is good.  We are all different.  I enjoy reading your posts.

I have been on Nexus since the president was a guy called Dubya.  I am here for comaraderie.  It is a means of self expression.  I am introverted, have very few friends, and it is really nice to participate in a website where people have in commom, their disdain for religious bullshit and a mutual need for this kind of virtual fellowship.

There are a lot of commonalities among active members, but we have a lot of differences in temperament, attitude, and priorities.

You are welcome here and your voice matters.

I wanted to meet like minded people, for honest discussion and friendship, without the hypocrisy of beliefs. To learn, to share and to discuss things that concern us, and to practice my English.

For me, Tom, it's mainly a social(ism) thing. It started with atheism as the reason I joined. But it's become more about sharing hobbies and thoughts, plus a place to "vent" on whatever is bothering me. Don't worry about what you have to offer. Relax and enjoy. (Sounds like having sex!)

Thomas, the friend thing comes in handy to follow up on someone who has been ill or just to asked a question when you know they have particular knowledge on a subject and don't mind answering to you. It let's you contact them directly so your question doesn't get lost in the threads.


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