A racket is blaming, complaining, criticizing, griping, grousing, grumbling, moaning, plaintively crying, sobbing, wailing, whimpering, whining, wingeing and that is all. 

Racket syndrome occurs when an individual resorts to one of these responses to problems or conflicts and does not move to the next step of exploring ways of solving an unwanted situation.

There are five steps of problem solving:

1. Identify the problem. 

2. Define a specific, measurable goal. 

3. Explore options to solve the problem. 

4. Develop and work an action plan A with plan B, C, D developed as back-up plans. 

5. Evaluate process outcomes ... am I moving from where I was to where I want to be? 

  If plan A doesn't work, move to plan B, then C, then D. 

  or redefine the problem, goal, options and/or plans. 

  Evaluate completion ... Have I  accomplished what I set out to do? Yes? Celebrate!

You always have your guide with you; use your five fingers to remind you at what step you are :

1       2       3       4      5

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What you describe as racket syndrome sounds a lot like Eric Berne's "Poor Me" game in Games People Play.

The five steps of problem solving sounds like something that every child should learn.

I agree. Every child should learn this in the home and many do not. From pre-school through, it should be more sophisticated and reframed to higher levels of abstract thought, but it doesn't. I wasn't until at Whitworth for my masters that I learned this very simple, easy to remember process.

Parents teach their children how to whine in grocery stores and how to manipulate and exploit. Children teach their parents how to give in, to acquiesce, and spoil them. Husbands teach their wives how to be dependent, subordinate, and submissive. Wives teach their husbands to control, dominate, and oppress. Life is a dance of interpersonal relationships that takes awareness, understanding and skills building to have healthy relationships. 

Life in community requires skills that are learnable.    




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