I have two new Audible credits and usually have them spent before I get them but don't know what I want this time. Please help.

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I agree. He is all that you say. I'm not surprised by the relationship you mention. I have many warm relationships with devout people of faith who I admire and respect for their demeanor and intellect...as well as their steadfast commitment to their beliefs. That's one little touch of irony that is interesting for sure.

BTW. I thought Cheney and Rummy cancelled trips to western Europe because the Hague might arrest them. Isn't that true?

I don't know; interesting, though. I'll look it up.

This is worth reading

Will a Spanish Judge Bring Bush-Era Figures to Justice?

Read more: http://www.time.com/time/world/article/0,8599,1888572,00.html#ixzz1...

Ok. I must defend myself on this one. I'm a Texan currently in exile, but I turned 18 the year of that election and was very excited to vote in my first election.

I voted across party tickets (my r/w dad was not happy). I liked Gore's stance on many issues, of course including the environment. George W (believe it or not) a pretty decent governor, so I voted for him for governor and for Gore for president. I was still clinging to shreds of faith with my fingernails at the time, and was like a psychic, because I was concerned that his only foreign policy experience was in dealing with the oil guys from the Middle East.

I don't know where you got the 1/3 number. The people I knew who were voting for Bush knew that they were voting for their governor, not for the former president.

If it's that good, I'm going to read it too. I recently read the Karl Merlantes book, Matterhorn and thought it was beautifully written.
I'm also a Vietnam veteran with a passionate commitment to peace first always but without appeasement...and a belief that security starts at home. Could you summarize what it is thus far that you've found so enlightening in the Hedges' book?

I think I will check into getting this book -War is the Force That Gives Us Meaning by Chris Hedges it sounds like an interesting read.

I've been reading Stieg Larsson's Millennium series.  Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, etc.  Guy could tell a story.

I see Hollywood, Inc. has obtained Larsson's book property for this title and is about to market a carbon copy of the excellent film trilogy that almost every film fan that matters has already seen with subtitles.

Yesterday Audible had a Black Friday sale of several hundred books at $4.95. I got these books:

A Conspiracy of Dunces

Pride and Prejudice

War and Peace

Some Sing, Some Cry - I started this and it is wonderful - The performance is incredible

Above Suspicion by Linda LaPlante

The Mayor of Castro Street - the story of Harvey Milk

Brave New World

I am sick and really look for books I can lose myself in. There are a few classics I've missed. I just love having access to these wonderful books read so well. I now have over 100 hours of entertainment for $35. Where else can you get that kind of bargain?

I credit Brave New World with having life changing impact on my thinking as a young man. I'm going way back to 1965 when I devoured everything Aldous Huxley wrote. 

I feel the same about Animal Farm. I read it in Grade 9 and never had to learn one more thing about governments and revolution.  1984 is, of course, more than iconic. It is like a template for everything I have witnessed during my life.



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