A whole bunch of people stood around in a light rain on the National Mall in Washington DC today, knowing that the churchies were going to say the lousy weather was baby Jesus weeping on them.

But a few sprinkles didn't deter the thousands of godless atheists who seemed to really enjoy the parade of speakers at the first ever Reason Rally. There was Adam Savage of the Mythbusters television show, for example, who got a huge reaction just for pointing out that the Earth is more than 4 billion years old.

At about 4 pm, headliner Richard Dawkins, author of The Selfish Gene and probably the world's most famous atheist, took to the podium and, in a few lines of impeccable English, explained the meaning of life, disproved the existence of God, and ended the need for any future Reason Rally, ever.

You should have been there.

Anyway, we managed to snap a few photos of the signs that best captured the moment. We hope you find them diverting, heretical, or hilarious, whichever the case may be.

More signs here.

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We had a big FSM sign, I didn't get a picture of it though.

It had an image of his noodliness and the caption, Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid, and on the back it had the same image and "Praise Cheeses".

YES!  All Glory to Mozzarella and Parmesan!

And Romano?  Or is that too much like Vaticano?

(A pinch of feta adds some zing....)

Carbo diem! He boiled for your sins. May his noodly appendage keep you firmly on the ground. May all your beer be fresh, and your hookers disease free. rAmen. 

I saw a sign (far right) on the official Reason Rally web site that said it all for me:


My boyfriend and I had a great time too, Loren! Glad you could make it.

I'm hoping they have one every year and it keeps growing!

You might want to check out my pics too: Jude's Reason Rally pics.

Awesome rally!

thanks for the pictures! I wish I'd been there!

Actually, I didn't make it, Jude.  I found the above article on the Village Voice website and reprinted it here.  I'm glad YOU made it there, though!  Your pix were terrific!

In 100-words of less - can someone explain what was accomplished doing this 'Reason Rally'?

I remember doing animals rights protests and we'd disrupt the local retailers that were supporting the abuses - and that got their attention to put pressure on the offender we were targeting. By being in-place on the public sidewalk's the public got the message of what was on-going...and responded.

How or what did this Reason rally accomplish?

Thanks Richard. If I read all that correctly - this Reason Rally provided silent non-believers a place to gather and finally be seen and heard. Good for them.

Anything else?

That's one person's perspective, …you have a few more to ask, not just those who attended, but those who couldn't. What's the % of non-believers and secularists again?

This event had a lot to do with rights, constitutional amendments and such, it's not the first of such rallies to be organized by atheists, freethinkers, humanists, ...A. Philip Randolph comes to mind.

This was about sending a message, creating stronger ties within the non-believer community and to serve as a centerpiece for conventions, meetings and planning sessions that have been going on since before the rally and still happening as of tonight.

But, I guess for the more cynical; the platitude, "I guess you had to be there", will have to suffice…. 


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