You've seen the interview, right?  The one after that massive EF5 tornado that literally LEVELED Moore, Oklahoma, where Wolf Blitzer is interviewing a woman in the aftermath of that horror.  He asks her, probably thinking that this is bible belt territory and EVERYONE believes in god, if she feels as though she has to "thank the lord" and gets an answer he NEVER expected.

Well here, as Paul Harvey would say, is the REST of the story, told by Rebecca Vitsmun herself.  She describes what happened, what she was thinking and doing in the face of that seemingly impossible event, her clear desire to survive and to protect her son, her clear thinking even in the wake of that disaster, and most notably, her refusal to lie in response to Blitzer's specious question.

Here also is the beginning of something new and important: the organization of a secular support group, sponsoried by the Foundation Beyond Belief, which can provide aid and assistance after natural disasters, even as church groups have for years and years.  About. Damned. Time.

As for Rebecca ... they don't come tougher.

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Great video - I am so glad she was honest and open about her Atheism.

If you watch closely, she first mumbles a nearly insudible "yeah" in response to Blitzer's question with her mouth mostly hidden. It's only when he pushes her that she tells him the truth, and even then she does so in a good natured way to ease the interviewer's discomfort, AND goes a step further to express no ill will towards those who do want to "thank the Lord". Rebecca is one "nice" atheist. Hmmm...wonder if she missed an opportunity to gently point out the absurdity of thanking an imaginary deity for randomly sparing a few. Probably not-- those who don't get it may never get it, no matter how many times the absurdity is pointed out, but anyone can relate to her graciousness.

"those who don't get it may never get it"

You are absolutely right.  And one person who comes to mind as a perfect example of this is the woman in a recent news story who declined an offer of help by an atheist organization who wanted to assist her at the local christian soup kitchen.  People like her believe that 'Pure Evil' just radiates out from the pores of our skin.  They will never be persuaded otherwise. 

The sad fact is that there are a lot of those who don't get it who don't WANT to get it.  They're either too invested in their belief because they're too frightened of the consequences they've been told will result, or they're too invested in the SCAM that they've been making millions from.  Either way, they nurture a bias which is all but insuperable, and the only way to shed that bias, at the risk of being blunt, is to die.

There's a third reason why people don't WANT to get it: they are too arrogant to admit that they might be wrong...or that they've been fooled.

No jive, sk8eycat ... none at all.

OK. So the reality is, some people are not willing and/or able to think outside the box. Arrogance may be one cause, pride, fear, stubbornness and other reasons may exist. 

Given that reality, how does that affect you and me? Well, for me, it arouses my disgust that anyone would hold onto a safety blanket into adulthood. Then I get really angry that an adult would influence a little one to take on the same faux beliefs. I want to cuss them out, punish them, get them out of my life. 

The easiest part is getting them out of my life, except when it comes to family gatherings and reunions. So, that leaves me pretty much one option that is acceptable to me ... answer any and all questions honestly and concretely, express my opinion when I hear a fallacious statement by indicating my point of view, as if they had not spoken, and find someone interesting to talk to, as they wallow in their delusions. 

Yes, I have a reputation for being called names behind my back. Or aggressed against to my face ... I have a pretty tough shield to let their slings and pointed knifes bounce off. The greatest victory is when I can have fun and have intelligent conversations with others, even in their presence, without taking on their hate. 

Above all, we must not remain silent in the face of lies, distortions, delusions and denial. If we remain silent, it implies agreement and or flight. If we argue, that implies a fight.

If we make our statement with a strong, decisive voice, filled with confidence and self-respect, so very many times the religious cower in the face of an honest statement and reveal just how cowardly they are. Thinking and speaking clearly makes a responsible choice in the face of their beliefs and demonstrates their hatreds. 

I had a lot of respect for Blitzer during the Gulf War in 1991.  Since then, I think he's gotten lazy.  Here he clearly made one ASS-UMPTION too many.

This is a whole other topic that can be discussed in great detail, but the general state and condition of news dissemination and quality has greatly deteriorated, and Wolf Blitzer is just another cog in that wheel who has fallen prey to the demise of credible news reporting.  News is no longer about facts and investigative reporting.  It has become a flashy graphic and personality-driven expose' of opinionated and agenda-driven political ideology and Hollywood gossip.  Long gone are the days of Murrow, Sevareid and Cronkite. 

Fannie Flagg (YES! The redhead comedienne) wrote a dynamite novel, Welcome to the World, Baby Girl.  It's not entirely about the ratings-driven news biz, but that is a major part of the story. 

One of the best characters is an older newsman who is a combination of Cronkite, Sevareid, and maybe Huntley and Brinkley, too.  They were all journalists, not just talking heads reading from a Teleprompter, and they are all gone now.  : >(

I wonder what is taught in J-school today.  Make-up and hair styles?

I can pretty much guarantee you that it ain't all fluff and appearance.  My daughter went to Elon University, majored in broadcast journalism, knows who Cronkite and Murrow and Rather were and respects them.  She's currently a news producer in Nashville who loves what she does and, I suspect, wishes she could do better.

But when the money men decide what goes on the air, that's what you put on the air ... IF you want to keep your job.

Exactly!  The money men want tabloid crap.  Maybe there should BE a channel just for gossip, UFOs, and speculation.  Oooops.  My mistake, there already is one FAUX.

It depresses me that the money men think crap will get higher ratings than real news.  And it depresses me that they are right...remember what happened to AIR America?  No audience.  Or the ratings companies aren't polling the right people.


Best wishes to your daughter; we need more people like her.


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