New atheists often struggle to express familiar ideas in secular metaphor, after a lifetime of religious brainwashing. Let's have fun in reinventing English without the baggage. Song lyrics are also neat to rewrite to familiar tunes.

cleanliness is next to thinking for yourself

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Ruth -- another precious LOLcat that you made!  Love it!
i understand the idea of reforming ones language. as an atheist, it is not honest or truthful to say omg or bless you. and to many atheists honesty is very important. i, however will continue to say oh my god, and god damn it, whenever i feel like it. for a while i said heysus instead of jesus when i stubbed my toe, but i found myself reverting back, and so i gave up on that. when you come rt down to it tho why shud we change our speech. in their book it say "thou shalt not take the name in vain" so by using it as a cursse word like shit, we are taking it in vain. they are the ones who are disobeying there booble when they say such, not us, we can say whatever we want.

Very effective, Steve. And thanks for getting back to the point. But that dose of Bible.... aaagh!

Your irony

The bible versus scared that cat in the photo!  : )


Your post pretty much illustrates how I feel about it (whether you intended it this way or not, I don't know)-- not only is it unnecessary, it's practically impossible. Should we find a new name for Wednesday, because it's based on the Norse god Odin? Or Thursday, for that matter, which was Thor's? Should we change the names of the planets, because they're named for Roman deities? As you correctly point out, much of our language, phrases and idioms we take for granted, is religious in origin. The language would be positively bare without it! It reminds me of a quote from "Grumbles From the Grave," a fabulous book of correspondences from Robert Heinlein's life. The first publisher to whom he submitted his "Stranger in a Strange Land" manuscript wanted to buy it, but requested that he make a few changes-- namely, that he remove all references to sex and religion. As anyone who's read the book knows, that's damn near the whole book-- so he replied that he would love to accommodate them, he just didn't know how. If he did so, he went on, he would be left with "a non-alcoholic martini." Removing religion from our language is the same-- even if I thought it was a good idea, I wouldn't have the slightest idea how to go about it!




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