Target: United States Congress
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Aurora, Colorado Rep. Ed Perlmutte has called on US Congress to reinstate the assault weapons ban.

Rep. Perlmutte represents the district where a recent movie theater shooting left 12 dead and 58 wounded. He points to the fact that the shooter, James Holmes, was able to gather a colossal amount of lethal weaponry in a short amount of time: "enough ammunition for a small army".

Incidents of mass shootings have increased drastically since the 1970s. The carnage is much greater when assault weapons are involved. In Aurora, James Holmes was able to use his own assault weapon to shoot dozens of people in the 90 seconds it took for police to arrive.

Banning assault rifles would, at the very least, decrease the number of individuals killed or injured in these situations, saving lives.

These weapons, some of which can fire 50 to 60 bullets per minute, belong in highly capable and trained hands only. Please tell the United States Congress to reinstate the assault rifle ban immediately!

Follow the link below to sign!

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I signed it, and added a note that it's time for congress to stop kissing the NRA's butt.  I was nice, I said "rear end."  Okay?

Thank you!

Nope. Will never be for prohibition. Care nothing whether it would or wuoldn't "save lives", (it wouldn't), but irrelevant anyway. People have the right to own guns if they want them.

Right - I understand - no problem El Solo Lobo.

The ban on assault rifles should definitely be reinstated.  I know that people have the right to bear arms, but some arms are not meant to be beared by civilians.  What does a civilian need with an assault rifle anyway?

I wonder the same thing.

Why a person may "need" such a rifle is not relevant. As long as theyhurt no one, they should have it if they want it.

Signed gladly.

Thanks for posting this, Steph.  I'm glad to sign.  The general public has no compelling or legitimate reason to own and possess such a weapon.   


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