I live in the bible belt. All day long I have hear about Jebus and how great he is. Jehovah's witnesses have the morning slot. If I leave my house after 7:30 am, there's a 50% chance I will run into one and they'll explain how the devil put dinosaur bones there to trick us. Then at work, I have to hear about the angels that had sex with people to create giants, how evolution is a "religion of nothingness", and the precedent set by the ill-fated, Tower of Babel.

Then there's my roommate. If each one of the religious highlights of my day was a colored lion, he would be Voltron. Here are a few of his gifts.

Why slavery happened in the US:

(I am african-american btw)

Me: The bible said slavery was cool, in both testaments. Why would god want any kind of slavery to happen at all?

Bob: Cause of y'alls wrongs.

Me: Our wrongs?

Bob: Yeah...

Why he only needs to know English:

Me: You ever thought about learning another language, just for fun?

(I studied Spanish for 8 years which means nothing, I'm not that good. No practicar.)

Bob: I don't need to learn any other language. That just does not appeal to me.

Me: Why not?

Bob: God divided us up and changed the languages for a reason. He obviously wants us to stay separate.


Those are always fun, but sometimes I worry. He also believes that when "Tribulation" begins, he will have a major role in it. He believes that's a good thing. But I've been working on my debating skills, and we've made progress. The sad/funny thing is he's not a bad person, but that Jebus juice has him fucked up.

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In Wisconsin talking about religion in the workplace is not allowed. I don't know if that's at every company, but that was the rule at every company I've worked for.

The Jehovah's witnesses main building (the only one with a pointy fence) is two blocks from my house. I've had contact with them three times in six years. They leave me a copy of the Watch Tower for my amusement.

Your best debate tool with your roommate is debunking the bible. It's your roommate's only source of "knowledge". Show the errors, and the rest should follow like dominoes (hopefully). Either that, or get another roommate!

I fully agree with AKron.  Get another roommate if he keeps this up, and isn't able to have a logical discussion.  Those are some crazy fundamentalist beliefs.  "Cause of yalls' wrongs"... man, I'm white and that pissed me off to no end.
Strong in the cognitive dissonance he is. Although he's white, he's culturally "black". Baggy clothes, ten pairs of Jordans, only listens to rap. Even has two kids with black women. He's even accused me of not being black enough, whatever that means. His dad is a pastor and has him convinced he needs to stick to his own "kind". All while one of his children's mother is living with them. Their racism is bible based.
I've been keeping at it using logic and reason. I've actually had some success regarding original sin and how unfair it is. But I tried to tackle creationsim and he damn near wanted to fight. I asked him if he knew what it was about and became irate when I tried to offer an explanation. I asked him how can he disagree when he doesn't even understand it. He said that doesn't matter.

People usually become very angry when you confront their beliefs, sometimes is better to scold their mothers than talk that their religions are wrong. I guess that they considers a personal insult if you don't agree with their faith.


Religious people don't bother with logical arguments, they just wanna know what their priests (or minister) have to say about certain subject

Do you have one of those little phone things that you plug into your ear?  Sorry I'm not good at gadgets.  Just keep that thing plugged into your ear and every time someone starts this with you, pretend you have a call.  It's that or headphones.  This would be hard to live with.
Here in Brazil many times we face situations like this. I think that we have two options: Talk to the people, show them their mistakes, or just ignore the nonsenses that they talk. It's a hard choice, and I'm not sure which one is the best.

PS: Sorry for my bad english, I have to pratice more...

"Sorry for my bad English, I have to practice more"

Practice? Why? It's fine.

Thanks =)
Hi, I'm the Newbe. But I thourghly agree with Alysn. Good advice, that. Have you tried telling him you don't want to talk about religion? Or do you think you can eventually bring him around to some measure of realism? You've got your work cut out for yourself. You're brave! I don't think I could put up with it for long. Good luck! Connie
Welcome Newbie!

I feel so sorry that you have to put up with such CRAP. I wish he'd just keep his frickin' mouth SHUT! :-(

I remember being in elementary school (a LONG time ago) and having to sing in Christmas concerts, and singing "Cheesy Kites" instead of "Jesus Christ", because it was so offensive to me. So I'd rather call him "Cheesy" than "Jebus" because it's an insult to the Jebusites, who were a real, if primitive, people thousands of years ago.


Just had to throw that in! :-)


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