Researcher finds new evidence of western forest decline

"Trees crowns browned in patchy clusters. Their lime-green, spear-shaped leaves dropped. Aerial surveys observed a rapidly widening area of forest illness and death in the years that followed.

"The harmful combination of heat and reduced rainfall has also been called a “global-change-style-drought.” The steady increase of temperature will dry the soil even if rainfall remains unchanged. But, of course, rainfall will not remain unchanged; it’s expected to decline throughout the West."

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Acid rain was first discovered decades ago in England. It has the ability to change Ph balances and life nurturing water toxic. I lived in Germany several years and one the laws  I admired while I was there was three restoration policy. If you cut down a tree or many, they had to be replaced immediately or face a steep fine. What's happening in South American is also contributing to the Greenhouse effect. It is not an isolated event. Americans are just now becoming aware of it but US scientists have been telling for years. This study makes it even more important to understand what were resources that would last into perpetuity can disappear.




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