Seth says himself that the following is a departure from the usual fare his YouTube channel features.  Personally, I think it's a positive and constructive move, because it demonstrates that no, we are NOT just about atheism.  We're also very much about day-to-day life, about giving a damn about others and acting on that.  Certainly, Seth Andrews is, and he gives expression to that here.

That said, allow me to introduce you ... to Henry.  Please enjoy.

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While I don't much like small dogs, I also don't like people who abuse them, second only to my hatred -- no, not mere dislike -- of people who abuse children. This is completely unacceptable and there should be stringent federal legislation to prohibit these puppy mills. Sheeesh, they can ban weed at the federal level but do little or nothing to help man's best friends.

I'm not much for small dogs, either, but that really isn't the point here, or I don't think it is ... and yeah, I think you know that.  I think it's about what people of conscience do when confronted with the kind of crap that puppy mill owners perpetrate.

What I really LIKE about this piece is that it's about someone taking action to help a lousy situation ... someone who also happens to be an atheist.  I'm not certain we see a lot of messages like that out there, and I think it's necessary.

That's a beautiful and moving video.  I'm not ashamed to admit that it brought tears to my eyes.  Seth is a masterful storyteller and I'm a big fan. 

Wow!  Enjoy I did!

Thought it was going to be a piece that would be heartbreaking and anger inducing.  It was at first, but it quickly became a very happy ending.  Had tears running down my face.  Then read all the comments on you-tube and had the waterworks all through those wonderful comments.

Thanks Loren.

Thanks Loren! Seth is right of course; for Number 90 there's a world of difference.

A heartwarming story. Thanks for sharing it.

I missed your video suggestion and just discovered it. Theme hits the bull's eye for me about caring that means Intention + Thought + Action = change to a better world. I don't like little dogs, many of them yip and lick ... yuk! My favorite is the big, robust, strong dog that I will not own because I live on only a 50' x 185' lot. Those big dogs need room to run and explore, and chase and dig for moles and that can be taught not to chase deer or rabbits, at least while we are looking. 

Dominic, a black lab, lives on 17 acres of forest land and knocks me down when I arrive for a visit. He knows grandma is coming and waits for the car to pull in. I stay seated for the first robust greeting until he settles down, and then we have a most glorious time together, seeing and hearing and exploring the life in the woodland. He also supervises projects such as this one. We went to the Priest River Animal Rescue on Christmas Eve two years ago and brought him home. What a joy he is! 

I love all dogs. Although the small ones can be yappers. Until the last few years I've always had rottweilers. Wonderful, smart, and loving. I have my last one now (a mixed breed). The one before him went down with a heart attack and I couldn't find anyone to help me load him up and get him to the vet for several hours. When this last one dies I'm going to only get dogs I'm able to lift by myself.
Great video Loren. People who mistreat children and/or animal's should be put away for life.

What a dreadful feeling of helplessness that must have been. I like your plan to get a dog you can pick up if dead-weight. 

Lousy news, people: Henry, Seth's rescue seen here, has passed away during dental surgery.  Put at its mildest, this cut Seth and Natalie to the bone for how deeply Henry became involved in their lives.  Seth put together a video where he talks about the whole incident, which, considering how he clearly feels, is pretty damned brave of him.

But GOOD NEWS!  Leave it to Seth to turn a negative into a positive.  He has started a GoFundMe page for the organization that got Henry out of the puppy mill he was stuck in in the first place, to obtain for them a rescue van to replace one which is past being on its last legs.  The truly neat part is that Henry will be immortalized on the back of the van with a graphic of him!  As of this writing, the fund is up over $10,000 of the $15,000 goal, and that's hardly three hours after Seth made this announcement!

So how about it?  Can we help the Humane Society of Tulsa and give Henry the send-off he deserves?




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