Science, Atheism & the Joyful Life -- by Sean Faircloth, Richard Dawkins Foundation

Some speeches by atheists are factual and practical, dealing with the nuts and bolts of reality.  Some are diatribes against the superstitions we seek to overcome, pointing out the man behind the curtain and the fallacies and snake oil he tries to sell.

And some are like the following - inspiring and encouraging while based utterly in REALITY.  I've heard several of the talks Sean Faircloth has given on YouTube and elsewhere, but I'm not certain I've ever heard him speak quite like this.

Got 10 minutes?  Trust me, this is worth your time.  Enjoy!

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Thanks for posting. That's a keeper.

Indeed! (I listened to it in the car earlier today, courtesy of .)

I agree, Faircloth offers a responsible approach to living as a non-believer without the mean-spirit. He has a good strategy of building coalitions. 

One of many keepers from the video:

"God's alleged in-group, so certain, so lustful, for their holy law, actual laws, imposed on us all. Some laws from Mississippi to Maine, many laws from Cairo to Karachi. And meanwhile, my favorite god, Odin, got a pink slip! And he gets my vote for best god. Go mead!

"But yet, there's no laws today in Odin's name. Pity poor Apollo and Ishtar, Quetzalcoatl, shuffling their feet in the unemployment line, with Odin and Isis and Axl Rose. Some of us doubt that fashionable gods are more credible than unfashionable gods. Some of us instead turn to people. People who question. Einstein, Voltaire, Jefferson."

Great quote. Can you remember the source? May I re-post with attribution to you? 

Oh, of course. I read your post without looking at the string. It is Richard Dawkins FoundationSean Faircloth, posted by, who else but, Loren Miller. 




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