This is an appropriate day of the year for this subject...

What are some of your favorite winter holiday songs?

It would be especially good to share powerful new secular lyrics to tunes that have become associated with Christmas.

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"Flash Mobs" fascinate me.  I'd love to see how they put them together and rehearse them (the good ones) without tipping people off ahead of time.

I participated in one recently. As you might guess, we didn't rehearse in the space.

We've been playing together for a while, and we knew the tunes cold. There was a signup list, more or less planning the order in which we'd trickle in.

Grinning Cat, what instrument do you play? Was it very difficult to pull off? What was the audience reaction? 

You impress me more as the years go by. You reveal such a multi-dimensional person, and one I am so pleased to have as a friend. 

I'm not at all fond of Bing Crosby, but this song was the theme music (opening and finale bow) of the show I skated with for nearly 4 years (I still love it...sort of like singing a college alma mater...):


The Bing Crosby song is fun to watch, especially since he is a Spokane boy, but the picture I enjoy the most is Finale Hat!  I assume that is you, sk8eycat. Wonderful shot. Do you have any movies of your performances? 

No movies at all.  That was 1958 (my 19th birthday, of the other skaters did the photography at no charge as a gift), some of the other kids' parents made 8mm movies of the show when they'd come to visit, but I don't know who has them anymore.  I've never gone to any of the reunions, but I am still in touch with a couple of the "survivors," but they don't have any film.  Just stills.  That was a LONNNNG time before video.

We taped one number for some TV variety show in the summer of 1959; the tape was 3 inches wide, and the recorder itself was the size (and shape) of an executive's desk.

This is my all-time favorite costume...backstage in Peoria...there were three of us dressed as bears in a "circus" production number.  We got to climb over the footlights and walk around (on rubber matting) in the audience, handing out lollipops and just goofing around for a while.


And the Finale costume without the damn hat:


sk8eycat these photos are lovely! Such dexterity! can you still lift a leg as high? And such a pretty face, and great figure! I am impressed indeed! The Bunny costume looks fun and I am sure the kiddos loved it when you gave them a treat! You must be very proud of your skilled experiences. 

Hah!  I spent 20+ years with such incredible sciatic pain before I had my lumbar spine repaired that I have NO leg muscles left.  I need a walker to go anywhere outside the balance, either.  I have stenosis in my neck too...I think I talked about that in another thread...about my fear of having neck surgery again (had a rogue parathyroid removed 20 years ago...NOT fun!)

I was just one of the chorus line...24 girls and 12 boys.  I loved being an anonymous part of a team.  That circus number was the only one when I was part of a trio, and nobody could see my face inside that bear head.  Loved THAT, too!  Sometimes if there was a hunky-looking guy sitting in the front row, I'd sit in his lap for a few seconds.  Oh, la!  I had FUN!

But when I listen to ballet music, and other tunes that I like, I still skate or dance in my mind. I'll never lose that.

I know, it's not even Thanksgiving yet, but here's a filksong I picked up yesterday at Philcon, which repurposes the tune "Gaudete" for any holiday feast. (No need for anyone to be born of a virgin here!)


Lyrics by Pat Goodacre, Jessica Abraham, Blanche Rowen, Mike Gulston.
Melody traditional, 15th century

Crudités, crudités with crisps as starters
Anchovies in virgin oil, crudités

Guacamole, caviare, basil and tomata
Aubergine and feta dip, taramasalata

Gorgonzola, Camembert, tapenade and nachos
Button mushrooms à la Grecque, croutons in gazpacho

Tiramisu, creme brulée, chocolate that melts, a
Cheesecake and profiterôles - pass the Alka Seltzer!

Crudités! Perfect! Not being a musical person, I don't catch the tune, however, the lyrics carry a melody of its own. This is a keeper. Thanks Grinning Cat. 




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