I envisioned Hang With Friends including wide ranging discussion, public as well as private topics. But I've set a bad example by sticking mostly to news and opinion. It's past time I set an example of opening up.


I've been obsessive compulsive this past week. Lots of stress, eye operations, my new cat is still scared of me after two months, and we just paid $6,500 to get mold assessment and the first stages of mold remediation. I'd hired incompetent roofers, and leaks created a serious mold problem. For three days a crew of four tore out the walls of our sunroom and the back wall of our master bedroom. I spent those three days escaping into my hobby, playing with fonts.

I enjoy making animated gifs to welcome new members to Atheist Nexus. Although I have well over a thousand free fonts, many of the most interesting ones are expensive. So I've used Snaggit to capture a sample of those, saying "Welcome" at MyFonts.com, to use as raw material. For three days I snagged font images in jpg format.

Then I tried to make gifs, and discovered that the jpg format introduces a cloud of pixels, as an artifact of lossy compression, that messes up the edges.

See the jagged stroke around this Blue Parrot font?

Stupid! Oh well, live and learn. It was still better than getting drunk or screaming.

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Ruth, I love yur hug-from-behind and I saved it. One of these days .......

It seems obvious that an 'atheist' website is meant to discuss important things related to god-belief and/or non god-belief.

When I want basket weaving I simply go to a basket weaving site. Same with Kataru music.

With religion being forced down our throats on a daily basis - this is our home. What you call a 'free for all' against Christianity isn't that at all. Each separate subject was defined and talked about.

Because of your negativity that thread stopped. There were dozens and dozens more areas that needed to be discussed. You helped all that stop. Congratulations.

Do you also fret and complain when receiving your American Atheists magazine and/or your Freedom From Religion Foundation newspaper because they only 'talk about religion'. Do you rant and rave and complain that they also are not talking about basket weaving?

I had a direct and distinct discussion with our RUTH about her goals here. You can talk about any subject you want - go ahead - start one about your white backside if that's your preference. Don't expect 600+ people to respond. Religion is our common enemy - perhaps you need Santorum to be President to understand once again (like Bush) how dangerous conservative religious thinkers are? Lets get back to discussing exactly what the real problems of America are - religious ideology and it's malignant destruction of our society.

'RELIGION' - It's given people HOPE in a world torn apart by 'religion'.......lol

The Nerd, it makes no sense because it makes no sense. That said, irrational thinking is part of what it means to be in community. I marvel at how Ruth can maintain calm and sensible thinking even with her personal challenges. 

When I came here, Atheist Nexus was described as "The World’s Largest Coalition of Nontheists and Nontheist Communities!" *sigh* To me a community is more than a discussion group for a common topic.

Do you feel that having groups and discussions about topics other than Atheism makes this less of a home for people who have religion being forced down their throats on a daily basis?

While it's true that religion is our common enemy, Steven, I feel our cohesion is more inclusive. It's one thing to reject religion, another to create a world free of it. I see rejection of religion as a first step. Once the shackles are discarded, we're free to create, to build a new way of living.

If we only confine our gaze to the discarded shackles, and never look around at the world and ourselves, how will we realize our full potential? We have a religion free future to invent! Don't you want to feel a part of that?

I'm confused too. I thought , Steven, that you were addressing Steve Bremner when you said "Because of your negativity that thread stopped." I just reviewed all 31 pages of Christian Family Values and didn't find any replies from him. What am I missing here?

Simple. He critized the thread but did not contribute one posting to dozens of subjects talked about. What's up with that? That was just one problem I found with his critique on this thread subject. To critique the many theads listed that received NO postings - subjects that had no 'religious' theme in them...well it would appear it's a stand-off.

If you don't post on a non-religious subject thread your get nailed. If you do post on a religious thread - you get nailed. I don't get it.

That's fine, Steven. Each member finds the topics and level of activity that suits them. However, I don't see Atheist Nexus as just conversations about atheism. My vision of an Atheist Community is a real community of people who happen to be Atheist.

Your contributions have always been appreciated here. Thanks for everything you do.

Ruth: When I said that I completely knew your vision because of your many multiple subjects.

I'm really quite Ok with all those subjects as I've read thru many of them.

For me, I don't find basketweaving nor paint drying really stimulating. Even talking about the disaster in Japan isn't very fulfilling for me - even though I read and watch everything about such disasters.

My primary interests in AN is religion and subjects dealing with belief and non-belief. I will continue to read many of the subject postings and participate in those that involve atheism and religion in general.

I do get smiles from many of the women who post on the various subjects. Thank for that!

Ruth - Often I think the level of discussion involved depends on the amount of interaction (or lack thereof) on the subject matter. Many subjects that begin have a religious dependency involved....Ex: the subject of animal welfare (or lack thereof) - animals rights - eating animals etc. That subject can easily be turned into a discussion of god-beleif and how believers defend the deliberate torture and murders of various species of animals.

Regarding discussions of religion - it appears to me that often the involvement precludes the level of torture involved. How much interaction did one have growing up and how much attention does one receive in today's living? A fine example would be the current Presidential nomination.

'The Difference Between Obama and Romney'

'Obama's base is always trying to pull him at least a little bit to the left. Should Romney get the Presidency - you can be certain his 'base' will try to pull him so far right he will land in the twlight zone.'

If a person isn't interested in voting and politics - fine - they will probably not respond to anything political - even though it certainly involves MUCH religious dogma.

If I read a thread and can relate a religious pull/view I like to participate. God-belief or non-belief isn't everything - but in our society - it's a LOT. Its pull is malignant and we are the only cure known.

You make an interesting point, about the extent to which a topic connects to god-belief. My focus is more on morality (without godmeme distortions). To me the greatest moral question and challenge is Sustainability. We live in a tipping point, a very narrow window in which the consequences of our actions have an exponential impact on future survival of humanity.

God-belief impacts our capacity for moral behavior, even thinking. To the extent god-belief increases the probability of human self-extermination it's relevant. But eliminating it is a small part of what we must accomplish; it's only a piece of the big picture for me.

Like the negative impact of infectious disease on an animal facing harsh environmental conditions, god-belief as a malignant memetic infection negatively impacting the survival of our species facing its planetary limits.

A Dolphin's brain infested by worms - P4051263

Many forums have "off topic" areas, which can be more interesting than the principal theme of the forum.  An example is automotive forums, where enthusiasts gather to discuss how to maintain their cars, how to modify them for more performance, and so forth.  When a new forum begins, it's strictly business.  But eventually it generalizes.  Internet buddies eventually meet face to face, in local gatherings.  They post their experiences, with photos of the event.  That leads to subforums discussing current events, culture, relationship issues, advice for succeeding in college, getting a job and on and on.  A real community is never strictly on-topic. 

The atheist theme is very broad.  How does one interpret one's personal struggles and desires, motivations, conceptualization of right and wrong, role in society and so forth, when one rejects a dogmatic mythology?  Where do religious/anti-religious discussions end, and "off topic" discussions begin?  In a forum dedicated to repairing old Chevys, it's easy to get off-topic discussing garages, tools, the culture of do-it-yourself repair, how spouses react when their spouse spends evenings in the garage instead of in the living-room.  And that's for a narrowly-focused, enthusiast-based forum.  And this forum is far broader.  So it's pointless to segregate topics into those strictly adhering to our intended theme, vs. those that appear to be spurious. 

I like a little comic relief, light conversation and thoughtful discussion with people whom I know share at least some things in common with me and who won't suddenly go apeshit when they find out that I'm an atheist.  That's why I joined AN.  There's something for everyone, and we all have at least one thing in common.  



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