From Gary Smith:

There is a poll about whether the phrase "under God" belongs in the Pledge of Allegiance. Put in your two cents here. Scroll down - it's on the right-hand side.


Arizona Central News Poll


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Uh...that "Coke or Pepsi can" story is a semi-myth, and it's 10 years out of date. See


The Readers Digest-reading undergodders keep circulating the story, and the details keep changing and getting wilder.  Amazing isn't it?  Here we are in the so-called "Information Age," and people still can't get their facts straight, or they twist the facts to suit their own prejudices and beliefs.  (A lot of them also don't seem to be able to spell or understand a language they've been speaking since early childhood)


No wonder the buybull is such a mish-mash of nonsense.  It's had thousands of years to get that way...sort of like the party game, "Telephone."

I am reluctant to insert myself here in defense of Biblical contextual criticism, however, even though I am no fan of the Bible, I have to point out that unlike the party game "Telephone", the Bible has original documents dating back well over 2 millennia which have been reviewed over and over again. No other literature in the history of western civilization has been so thoroughly examined and debated. So if you want to find flawed methodology in the beliefs of Christian "supers"(super-naturalists), there are many others, all more irrational and non-probative than the Bible.

jeeminy, cripes, holt cow - & worse !!


Thank you so much, skycat - all the people i have talked with have never said anything about it - we all thought it was true.  and i figured i didn't find them cause maybe they were only in midwest. it was never a big deal anyway, just a fun thing. the advert against was so well done, too. that'll teach me to use the Urban Legend site.  oh, well, i was so proud of Pepsi. . .


i liked it when you said "Uh" . . . i usually go "umm"  


anyway - thanks again - alexa (nyc)



Tee-hee!  You're welcome.  I love; sometimes I go there and scroll and click around just for fun.
Loren speaks for me too. Well said Loren.
those words were added in the 1950s
Eisenhower's Ghost...
It also negates the first three words of the US Constitution.  If this country is under anything, "We the People" are not soverign.  Can't have it both ways.

There's something to put in, instead.


"One nation, under we the people..." ---And really, the first to complain gets egg on their face.

I've always liked the idea of "One Nation, Under Law," as we are a nation of laws designed to insure our freedoms, but that's just one suggestion among many.
I used to think we were home of the Braves, when I was a kid... never came up with one for the pledge, though.

"...four witches stand..."


"With Liver Treats..." (that's the canine version)


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