From Gary Smith:

There is a poll about whether the phrase "under God" belongs in the Pledge of Allegiance. Put in your two cents here. Scroll down - it's on the right-hand side.


Arizona Central News Poll


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LOVE it! 


And some of them are lone Maru.  I love watching his videos on YouTube.

hey skycat -


great minds do think alike - i effin' love Maru - isn't he the funniest, cutest little guy. . .  the Japanese have a of videos on YouTube about their cats.


i'll have to check out more of your postings. . .    alexa  :)


Ahhhhhh! A paradise of cat lovers! I didn't know what I was signing up for! :-) My 8 cats are not wild box cats -- they don't even usually get into them, even if I leave them out for them. What they like is to pile up on my bed -- who cares if *I* need some sleep????

cats and more cats - LOL  - i have 4 - cats, that is! 2 boys and 2 sisters.  i have freakin' hair all over the place.  i put special blankets and sheets on my bed where they like to sleep, so i don't have it all over my blankets, but i still do, just not piled a half inch thick (well, not that bad).  i've tried all kinds of brushes and sticky things to get hair off my clothes and it's been semi-successful. oh! and the kitty litter - in an apartment yet! oh well, i do love the little guys anyway.


My old cat was a box cat. Or basket, if she had the choice. It was so funny to see her in this one box-shaped basket. She really looked like kittyloaf, with all her fluff making a loaf-top. XD She also loved to tunnel into covers, with just her poofy tail poking out.
That's cute!  NO it should not be in the Pledge of Allegiance. It actually wasn't in the original version.

I have often wondered why nobody brings up the (grammatical) fact that IF this nation is "under god," it means that "We the People" are NOT sovereign after all.  Republic = res publica = the PEOPLE.  Not a king or a god or any other tyrant.

I think a group of adults, standing at attention with their right hands over their left tits, look ridiculous.  Where and when did they get the idea that the cardiac pump is located there? It's not...  And what does it mean, anyway?

There is a legend, or a myth, that in ancient times men had to place their hands somewhere else when they swore an oath...or TESTI-fied.  I don't think it's true, but the mental image is hilarious.


I had to (mostly) give up one of my favorite pastimes when I learned that Ceiling Cat was watching me.

Thanks for the heads up. I voted twice, once with each browser on my 'puter. I'll vote on all of my other devices when I get home. If each of us vote a couple of times on various devices, we can swing this. The votes are just up to 306 now.

Why do we have to have a Pledge of Allegiance at all?  It was a meaningless rote ritual when I was in school in the 1940s and '50s (before the undergod was added), and it still is.  We said it as rapidly as we could just to get it over with...the way my Catholic friends rattled through their "Hail Mary's."  Repeat something often enough and it loses all meaning.


PS: Do any other countries have anything like this silly, childish thing?

I agree.  It is meaningless.  I haven't bothered to teach my homeschooled kids the pledge - with or without god.  Mindless, unthinking allegiance to country is little better than mindless allegiance to god.  It's great to love one's country, but at least know why.  And there are better ways to perform duty to your country than pledging to a flag.


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