So I keep a small container garden of a few basic cooking herbs--Chives, Cilantro, Italian Parsley, Oregano, Lemon Basil, and Basil:




 Anyone else do this? I've met precious few people who seem to care enough about fresh herbs to do so.

I'd also eventually like to start a moss garden--tending to green things is one of my few talents.

Also is anyone else a gardener in general? Even if it's just a container garden on your balcony.


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I´ve always had pots of rosemary, thyme, lemon balm, mint, lavender and more in my kitchen and on my balcony. And I´ve got a mini moss and ferngarden! It started when I saw the tiny green specks in the earth of potplants: I collected the green specks with a teaspoon and dropped them on a thin layer of earth in a big old greenish bottle which is shaped like a goldfishbowl. A little water on the earth and some kitchen-plastic over the opening, time and moderate light; some months later the specks had grown into six or seven different mosses and some tiny ferns.
Once I grew tomato plants from seeds of a cherry tomato we were eating, in an enclosed balcony. Over the summer it got very big and we did get cherry tomatos. It was fun using a Q tip to fertilize them, as there were no bees there.
Beautiful little garden!  I have an area, 10' x 20', behind my garage that I want to fence off to use as a garden again......but this time I want to try raised bed gardens.  The dirt is mostly clay and trying to grow plants in it was next to impossible.  Right now I have the time, since I am recently unemployed, but that also means very little disposable money to use to get it started.  In time, I suppose :)  For now, I will plant a few flowers in pots to brighten up the backyard.
I used to get free manure for my veggie garden from a small local dairy farm.  It saved me a lot of money on fertilizer. 
I have a vegetable garden.  It's my first garden ever.  My dh is an excellent gardener, but he hasn't been overly involved with it this year.  He had the kids plant onions and potatoes all willy nilly.  It looks a right mess, but it's the best growing part of the garden.  I had to replant a lot.  I hope that's normal and not due to mistakes.
Nice herbs.  I need to do that. Fresh is always best.  At the school I went to, we could go out and pick what we were going to use in the school's restaurant.  Tasted better than the dried herbs every time.  Keep up that garden!!!

Until recently I always kept an herb garden.  I even used to have a big vegetable garden with an herb section in the back yard of my apartment house in RI.  Now I live in a townhouse in Jersey, but I could probably fit a few containers on the tiny balcony.  I would like some fresh herbs and they don't grow very well in the kitchen window here.  I miss havng a yard.  *sigh* maybe the next place. 

I used ot be a bit obsessed with herbs.  I even made my own teas and medicines.  I used to have a whole bookshelf filled with various dried herbs. 

Since I became vegan 3 years ago a cook a lot more.  Fresh herbs would be great.  See, now I have to start a container garden!


I planted some chive seeds about a month ago, but I think all the rain drowned them. Much of my garden is not doing well - except the carrots. This is my first garden.


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