The only interaction I have with other atheists is online. I live in Roswell, NM and have for over seven years. The only atheist I've met is atheist-chic (a term I've invented to describe atheists who are only atheists because they think it's cool, not because they've really thought about it). But in some of my encounters, if you talk about anything else or just mess around, some flock around and act (type?) snooty and imply that you're somehow less atheist than everyone in the thread.

Anyone else get this?

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NO. I've been associating on atheist/Christian FaceBook forums for years without a hint of any atheist being as you described. Then again, on these sites most were not really young and immature. Perhaps that is what you've run into and it will pass eventually.

One would think, hu? Nope. This was on the "professional" site LinkedIn.

You might want to explain the "No true Scotsman" fallacy to them.  I have yet to encounter this on LinkedIn. 

doris - i'm sorry you've had some bad experiences with atheists - just because they are atheist doesn't mean that they are 'nice' people....  i'm sure you'll find some atheists on here who are snobby around you :)

It takes all kinds to make this world and atheists are also part of this world. You will find every kind here too.


I've never encountered atheist-chic behavior, but I have been intimidated by the white male authority variety of "I'm more intellectual than you are. Bow down to my opinion." atheism, mostly in meetings and conferences. The first time I came across Atheist Nexus, they used this logo.

My impression was a bunch of snobs, and I passed. When I came across AN later, their new emotionally neutral A logo didn't put me off, and I took a closer look.

I also have not encountered the atheist-chic behavior you describe.  But I have come across the sexist male variety.

Atheists are far from being a homogeneous group.  Yeah, there are definitely the snobby ones who are "more intellectual than thou".  There are also the angry, nihilistic teenagers who come to atheism because "god never did anything for me".  But, overall, my experience has been that most atheists are decent people just like anyone else.

kacie - well put......  that's the impression i get too....

A lifetime of dealing with anti-intellectualism can make people cranky . . .

Occasional crankiness I can understand because talking with fundamentalists is like banging your head against a wall.  There are still snobs among atheists, though.  There are those who buy into their own intellectual superiority just a little too much...

Yeah Kacie has a point there.


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