The only interaction I have with other atheists is online. I live in Roswell, NM and have for over seven years. The only atheist I've met is atheist-chic (a term I've invented to describe atheists who are only atheists because they think it's cool, not because they've really thought about it). But in some of my encounters, if you talk about anything else or just mess around, some flock around and act (type?) snooty and imply that you're somehow less atheist than everyone in the thread.

Anyone else get this?

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Craigart - what does that mean?  Sounds like you are justifying snobbery :)

I was an angry atheist for a while. New Mexico legislature had a bill proposed, HB302 that was a repeat of Dover, Kansas, etc. Since my oldest was in life science, I freaked out because I'd actually talked to her science teacher, who flat out told me that Darwin was full of crap and that she was in favor of the legislation.

I do still tend to get angry, but have no outlet except online since, as I said, I've never met another atheist here.

Doris, are you aware of this:  It's a meetup scheduled for this Saturday, Sept. 1, 2012 at the Roswell Starbucks.  (Or maybe you're the one who posted this?)  If you're ever in Albuquerque on Saturday, the Humanist Society of New Mexico meets here.

Guilty as charged. Yes, Jerry. That's my group. Thank you for the invite. I sent an announcement to Randall for the newsletter when I put the meetup group together. I don't get to Albuquerque much. If I do go, though, I'll consult the newsletter and try to organize a trip around meetup dates and times.

It's very lonely here in Ros-hell. The only members of my group are my husband, and a visitor from Florida. When he's gone, it'll just be us. The other two members listed aren't local.


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