Honestly, the title to this piece is badly under-representative of the content.  To be far more accurate, what we have here is Mrs. Betty Bowers, America's Best Christian, going on a rant.  Before you say it ... Say WHAAAA?  Betty Bowers ranting?  Couldn't happen.  Well ... she doesn't scream or yell or foam at the mouth (like certain right-wing pundits I could name!) but she DOES lay out what she wants to say in hard, plain, grammatical English and when she's done, all that's left is to grab a mop and clean the blood off the floor.

And believe me, she made certain there was no lack of that.  Mrs. Bowers, if you would, please...

Have You Had YOUR Betty Today?

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On some people fetishizing the Second Amendment and calling themselves "patriots": "Patriots support the whole Constitution, not just the parts that enable your toddler to play Russian roulette."


Australian comedian Jim Jefferies points out that the very fact that it's called the Second Amendment should clearly indicate that our Constitution can change. After all, we used to have this thing called Prohibition. And also, slavery!

Ya know, in retrospect, I thought the most overused word in the English language was:


Amen. Oops. That one is overworked also.


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