Not only should the Federal government issue the "Stay at home" order, but all medications should be negotiated through the nation and health care should be provided to all inhabitants, citizens or not. 

From where will the funding come? From those who stole the profits from those who produced the goods and services that gained the profits! 

You can call me a socialist! I surely do not want to be called a capitalist; it has failed us once again and needs to be abandoned! 

There is a role for states' rights, but not when the rights of one state impede the rights of other states!

Word Count 104 

I tried to post this in Comments but was denied access because of too many words. It is a sad day when I can't event rant here!  


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Joan, judging from the typeface, you did a cut'n'paste from a Word document.  The reason why you couldn't put it in a comment was because of all the Word code overhead.  In future, I would suggest using the "Paste As Plain Text" feature, so that the content will make it in without all the unnecessary baggage from Word.

Thanks, Loren, I knew you could help me. I used to create my Atheist Nexus comments and then cut'n'paste it to A/N. When we upgraded, I guess the process changed. 

Where is the place to go to experiment with new processes? I can't remember how to use that help feature. 

You are referring to The Sandbox, Joan.  Do all the experimenting you want there.

Also, in Windows, Ctrl-Shift-V is often "paste as plain text". It just worked for me for pasting characters like "ç" into a comment without bringing formatting along.

Rant welcomed, Joan.

Here's mine. I just had my first telemedicine experience. My computer's camera and mike didn't work on the link the doctor sent by email. I could see and hear him fine, but he couldn't see or hear me. I eventually completed the conference holding my home phone's receiver in my left hand, for him to hear me, and my cellphone in my right hand, so he could see me. Anxiety hasn't subsided yet. 

Later my husband discovered that something on one of my open tabs was blocking camera and mike access, monopolizing it -- almost as if someone were spying on me. He made the teleconference app work by only having the email tab open.

Thanks for listening.




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