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As far as I'm concerned, it doesn't matter. The SGK Foundation has royally shot itself in the foot over this Planned Parenthood business, and having violated the trust of multiple PP supporters, I have no doubt but that Komen now looks like damaged goods in their eyes and regaining their trust will be a time-consuming matter.

Object lesson in what happens when a major person or organization gets publicly stupid in the age of the internet.

Exactly. Charitable organizations have no place in politics. Could you imagine if Doctors without Borders refused to work in countries with touchy political situations?

I agree that Komen is damaged and will remain so. The very fact that they were stupid enough to go after Planned Parenthood - and the money part isn't the real problem. Their 'donation' was met 10-times over within 24-hours of their announcement by private donors.

One cannot disrespect women in this way. I'd never support Komen again. They deserve to fail and donated funds can go to another oganization that would not ever think of doing wha tthey did.

i've been involved in a FB discussion about this very topic.  some very upset women are turning against Komen big time!  they are not only incensed about this issue, but many have recently found that only 21% of their funds go towards research (finding the cure).  what does the rest go to?  lobbying, lawsuits to protect their subname of "the cure", and raising awareness.  those are very foolish things to be spending donated money on, particularly the awareness part, as i'm pretty sure their message of awareness has reached maximum density by now. 


it goes to show that however good the intentions, once something becomes big, the power is intoxicating, and needs to be protected.  too bad. 

Well you know, It costs a lot of money to put pink gloves on NFL players and hire all of the lawyers to sue other non-prophets for using a similar color pink or the phrase "... for the cure".

it sure does.  i wonder how many people would donate if they had known that's what their money was going towards.  cancer, in any form, is a sensitive topic and quite important to many people.  that makes it awfully easy for groups like Komen to collect from glossy eyed supporters and victims. 


i've donated for several years to Komen, but from now on, my money will be going to the American Cancer Society. 

The American Cancer Society just turned down a $500,000 donation from an atheist group.  They might not want your money.

Maybe they (the group) should find a researcher in the field who isn't fussy about religion vs. non-religion, and give the money directly to her.  Or him.

That's so sad. Our money isn't good enough for them.

Ugh. That kinda stings.

Matthew, American Cancer Society about 30 years ago got some bad press for ignoring prevention and instead focusing on finding a cure.

By ignoring prevention, they could ignore industry's polluting the air with cancer-causing chemicals.

ACS was at a disadvantage though; they had no money for the bribery/extortion racket we know as campaign financing.

I donate directly to organizations who need the money.

Er profits.




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