It looks like they didn't know what pressure was...

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Also, that is the dirtiest discussion title I have ever read:)  Sick!

Unintentional of course. :)

That is what makes it so awesome!  I, myself, prefer the pink.

LOL, so do I.

Double, or triple, entendre? Quadruple?

There are some incredibly ignorant Comments by anti-abortionists following the CNN article.  What they apparently don't understand is that when abortion was completely illegal in the United States, you could still get a doctor to perform one if you knew the right people, had enough money, and everybody agreed to keep quiet about it.

Personal experieince....July, 1958, Storm Lake, Iowa.  Srsly.

And of course they ignore the fact that only 3% of PP services performed account for abortion. (And that was intended to be a factual statement.) They should stay away from the hospitals as well. They do abortions too.

According to the article "Komen caved. Or did it?" Planned Parenthood is not guaranteed to get future grants; it's unclear whether PP will actually continue to get money from Komen. And "the job of the group’s controversial director, Nancy Brinker, is safe, as far as the board is concerned."

More at The Daily Kos:

(Lazy media reports Komen Foundation decision as 'reversal.' It isn't.)

Google Susan Komen and you'll find her story, written by her sister, Nancy Brinker.

You might have seen Ms. Brinker's interview with MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell about Komen's cutting off the Planned P'hood funding. I watched it and saw what looked like the hard-heartedness I've seen in so many fundamentalists when they are attacking women's reproductive rights.

A few minutes ago I read the story. It told how Susan, as she was dying of cancer, was more concerned about the barrenness of the clinics women saw than about her own fate. I'm wondering how Ms. Brinker, who'd lost her sister in so terrible a way, could seem so hard-hearted?

Does anyone have any insights?

I too wonder if the Foundation will find a more subtle way to defund Planned P'hood.


i've seen people on FB spouting this nonsense, and portraying it as fact.  the lesson, as always, is that people are idiots. 

I drive a lot for work, and I frequently listen to catholic radio just to stay awake/get angry/laugh really hard, and they talk about that CONSTANTLY.



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