Published on Mar 14, 2013

Many thanks to Jolulipa for Spanish closed captions
Footage of Derek Acorah 'possessed' by Kreed Kafer (anagram of 'Derek faker'):
Footage of Derek 'possessed' by Rik Eedles (anagram of 'Derek lies'):

BBC programme 'Bullshit Detectors' exposes 3 'mediums'

1023 campaign:
More detail on homoeopathic dilution

Forer, B "The fallacy of personal validation: a classroom demonstration of gullibility" 1949 Journal of Abnormal Psychology 44 (1): 118--123

Kaptchuk, T et al "Placebos without deception" 2010 PLoS ONE 5(12)*

Skinner, B F "Superstition in the pigeon" 1948 Journal of Experimental Psychology 38 (2): 168-172

*Though the notion of placebos without deception opens up an interesting line of enquiry, the methodology of Kaptchuk's particular study has attracted some criticism which seems valid and reasonable. See, for example:

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I encounter superstitious people a lot and think this is a good video.




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