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Surreal, not just found in art.

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Oh I just love that! Thanks for the post!
O, wow!  Printing that for a friend who doesn't have (or want) a computer.  AND saving it to my Strange Stuff File.

The blobfish, Psychrolutes marcidus. See number 7 on this list of Fantastic & surreal creatures

number 1 is neat too, a caterpillar which convincingly mimics a pit viper when threatened.

This is cool - thanks for the link.

I prefer the barreleye fish. :)

The "eyes" in front are vestigial.  The real eyes are the greenish orbs inside the transparent head.

Mmm, these guys are cool! I remember learning about them in Biology.

Ferrofluids are fascinating!

so awesome

These icicles look more like squid eggs to me. I've never seen ice take this form.

Just beautiful!

This is lightening from a volcano, but ... I see a dragon face. The lightening comes out of its nostrils.

from Amazing Lightening Strikes

love that Ruth!




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