This is supposed to be lifeless, just dissolved salts in hyperacidic water. Image source

About it being lifeless. Scientists Say They've Found a Place on Earth Where No Life Can Thrive

Surreal, not just found in art.

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Oh I just love that! Thanks for the post!
O, wow!  Printing that for a friend who doesn't have (or want) a computer.  AND saving it to my Strange Stuff File.

The blobfish, Psychrolutes marcidus. See number 7 on this list of Fantastic & surreal creatures

number 1 is neat too, a caterpillar which convincingly mimics a pit viper when threatened.

This is cool - thanks for the link.

I prefer the barreleye fish. :)

The "eyes" in front are vestigial.  The real eyes are the greenish orbs inside the transparent head.

Mmm, these guys are cool! I remember learning about them in Biology.

Ferrofluids are fascinating!

so awesome

As to the first pic: The Ents are attacking! The others are damn way-out too. Love this stuff.

Non-Newtonian fluid on a speaker cone

This supernumerary rainbow astonishes me. Are we in an alternate reality?


Lunar Halos, Septuple Rainbows and Iridescent Meat: Incredible Opti...




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