"It's That Easy? Really?"

funny puns - It's That Easy? Really?

How many times have you clicked that button? Good thing this isn't the Twilight Zone. Remember when dad said you could be anything you wanted to be?

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Pre-information age dad & pre-information age mom had no idea we'd be standing in for "Mr. Laurey" in a rewrite of the movie Brazil.
Brazil is in the top 5 of my all time favorite films.
I love it...NOOO I didn't really want to become a fan. It's cool, though...if I could be a fan, I would want to be a decorative paper one, though.  They are so pretty...
I've never seen a "become a fan" button. Is there such a button? I remember my dad saying that, and I think he lied.

I think there is one on FB pages.





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