Anyone watch this?

Notice that they have a Bible Thumper on the cast!!


It's about that time again, Survivor fans: the castaways for the new season (the 25th!) have been revealed, so let the preliminary judgment of people we've never met before... begin!

Every time a new Survivor tribe (or in this case, three tribes) hits the media for their first public debut, there are a handful of questions that everyone wants to know. Who are the hotties? Who are the weirdos? Who are the returning players? And who are the inevitable '80s sitcom stars!? Oh, about that last one... well, Blair from The Facts of Life is going to be on this upcoming season of Survivor. I repeat. Blair. Lisa Whelchel. On Survivor. Except she's totally not the Blair you remember — nope, instead she's a Bible-thumping Southern belle who will no doubt spar with one other outrageous tribe mate... who hasn't been announced yet.

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Jeff Kent, 44
Austin, Texas
Retired MLB Player

Lovely.  Nice to know I have yet one more reason NOT to watch Survivor!

You mean this ...thing...has been on the air for 25 YEARS??!?!!?  D'ruther watch "Iron Chef" and I hate that food-fight show.

<3 Books<3 books<3 books<3

My family has watched every episode of Survivor... I know, I know, but it has great sentimental value to us.  What amazes me is not that there are these super religious people on the show, but that no one just stands up and says, "You know you're a nut, don't you?"  I was a big fan of facts of Life as a girl too. Funny, even though I remember watching it often with my sisters, the only episode I can recall off the top of my head is when the girls smoked pot.

Same here Annie.

Richard Hatch from the first season of Survivor is on this site and he is a featured member. He knows Brother Richard. I've watched the show since he was on it.


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