Tchaikovsky Flashwaltz at Hadassah Hospital

What a beautiful idea! Creating Community with music in the mall. 

How about dance in the mall? or poetry? or ballet? or tumbling? or ??? 

Seems like an idea non-believers could do without evangelizing, just perform whatever like-minded people have to offer and have no reference to non-belief, just a sponsorship of a group of non-believers. Building community by public action ... positive images and sounds and feelings. 

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It would seem that the Waltz of the Flowers just ... bloomed ... outta nowhere, eh?

Out of the deep dark past of our Stone Age ancestors. 

Beautiful music

That was very nice.  Perhaps I'm biased, but as a musician I have to say that there is NOTHING like a finely executed live musical performance.  Any untalented hack can go into a recording studio and engineer a quality performance to some degree, but my true test of talent is how that person can perform live and acoustically without all the electronic adjustments and assistance. 

I imagine that for many people who happen to be in the right place at the right time to witness some of these musical flash-mobs, this is a rare opportunity to enjoy live classical music.  It seems a shame that both classical and jazz music here in the U.S. is not more mainstream, accessible and supported.  I dare use a religious term, but the Fine Arts are the soul of humanity.  We should be promoting culture and the arts much more than we are, particularly in schools.     

By all means, a musical instrument in the hands of a disciplined, well train person can touch places in ways nothing else seems to be able to reach. It evokes memories, thoughts, and inspiration. Beginning young, playing with others, improving over time, brings mental ability to a higher plain, and creates a sense of community in special ways. 


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