Kandace asked me this, but it's outside of my expertise. Can anybody here give her an answer?

I do have a question that maybe you can answer since the FAQ and my own clicking around haven't given me an answer: Is there any way to minimalize the layout of the site? I'm talking the ~20+ point fonts everywhere as headers, the gigantic logo, all that. Any suggestions? (FWIW, I'm using Chromium on Ubuntu 11.04.)


I have difficulty staying around a place that won't let me turn these things down/off, because they irritate me too badly. :\

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Don't you have a "Zoom Level" button in the lower right corner of your screen...right above the clock?  Or is that not what you mean?


I don't have a problem with the font sizes on this site...it fits my screen without my having to scroll back and forth...

I don't have an issue with the margins, I don't need to scroll back and forth - but while most of the text responds to a ctrl+scroll wheel (like Mac Rex said), the headings are so big that by time they get to be a 'normal' size, the text on the page is tiny.

"Control" (Ctrl) and scroll wheel?
This makes them smaller, but it makes the rest of the text on the site really small.
I'm not really having this problem.

Nevermind, I figured out a way around it. I just used AdBlock to block the elements of the page I don't want to see (header image, mostly, at this point - huge waste of space).


Thanks for your help, guys. :)




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