Stumbled onto this a couple minutes ago.  A couple of the entries were not surprising at all but a couple others ... I mean, really ... WTF?????

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Really amazing!  Tell you a funnier story (well, funnier if you can laugh when you are freaking out).  I know someone who, as a young college student, was sentenced to about 18 months in a federal reformatory in the 60s for selling LSD to a nark.  When he got there and found out they had a fairly decent library, he made a beeline for the reading room and found that through inter-library loan, he could obtain almost any book the library did not have.  He had always wanted to read Desmond Morris's The Naked Ape, so he put in a request on a little card.  The librarian looked at it and said, "Now, you should know we cannot get you a book like that."  The youth asked why, and the librarian would only say, "Well...I mean, 'naked.'  That is about sex and you can't request books on that subject."  Can you believe it?  If he'd been a religious person and known what the book actually discussed, the librarian might have rejected the request on that basis, but, no, he thought the word "naked" in the title meant it was lewd and lascivious. Schiller said, "Against ignorance, even the angels fight in vain."

There is obviously NO limit to stupidity! The issue is how do we manage to live in a world that we must share with the stupid but powerful.

They are so dumb.

children might treat animals like humans - ALL children do that, and well educated grown-ups do that too.

This reminds me of the phrase, "You can't cure stupid." Which, unfortunately, has an element of truth to it. Particularly when you ban Aldous, Orwell, and especially the Dictionary.

Ain't no sense givin' them thar' young uns' any of that thar' eeelitist, int-I-lectial, book larnin'. The 3 R's was good enough for pappy, good enough fer me, and good enough fer them. Have the preacher preach the Bible, watch Fox News, and you git all the larnin' you need. While I'm thinkin' of it Ma, how come you let Betty Mae smoke at the table? I know she's already 14, but in front of her young un'?

Pat, you know this as well as I do: you can't kill ideas.  The books can be banned or burnt, speech can be censored and otherwise penalized ... but the ideas are still out there for someone to think, to ponder, consider, and embrace or reject.  Control thought?  Oh, maybe you can on some scale, but down to the last man, woman and child? 

Dream on.

The video reminds me of instruction I received at Catholic School (around 8th grade, if memory serves me) by a priest straight off the boat from Ireland. While we were encouraged to read, we were told we had to check the Nihil Obstat to make sure it wasn't a book banned by the RCC. And, if it had the RCC's Imprimatur (Vatican's version of Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval), everything was hunky-dory. Which, as a good Catholic boy I did (he's says tongue in cheek). If it interested me, and was on the Nihil Obstat, I made a beeline to book store to get a copy, and hide it under my bed to read at night.

Thank's Father Walsh. You improved my education in ways you never dreamed of!

Pat, the very fact that they had such a list as the "Nihil Obstat" tells me that the church is afraid of independent thought or ideas outside of their offices, never mind their desire for conformity among their parishioners and the old "pray, pay, and obey" dictum.  Loaded question: would we have modern-day science in the form it is today if everyone went along with what the RC church thought of as proper reading material?

Answer to loaded question. Ask Galileo.

He wasn't quite a go-along-to-get-along guy, was he?

Galileo, Copernicus, heliocentric - shmeliocentric. F*&k 'em if they can't take a joke.

Indeed, any banned book is high on my must read list.  While it is true that some banned books are not worth reading, I reserve the right to make that decision on my own.


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