The 6 Craziest People Who Are Overpopulating the World
By: E. Reid Ross, Meg Anastasia May 11, 2012

Millions of us are so terrified of or disinterested in having kids that we'll literally never do it. But the world's population keeps inflating like a balloon because there are plenty of people at the opposite end of that spectrum. Way, way at the opposite end.

Like ...

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I thought this was an interesting article.

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I agree that in America there is a stigma for being childless. You are accused of being selfish.

I've always thought that people who feel compelled to pass along their DNA are the selfish ones.

Breeding has been on the increase for a decade in Canada, mostly due to a huge influx from third world immigrants to occupy our cheap labour jobs.

What we often forget is that before massive health and societal "improvements", the fertility rates were actually naturally quite low (abortion, infanticide, infantile death, seasonal ammenorhea, lactational ammenorhea) these were all a normal part of the human experience, before humanity decided, as a group, as a religious group, that it was important for there to be more of us... So the high fertility experienced by modern society was entirely un-biological.

Well I will have to research this issue about fertility treatments further. I'd like to know more about the statistics on the matter.

Canada's already overburdened healthcare system has just approved high priced fertility treatments to be included in healthcare!!!!! The trouble is we have a political system which is entirely disconnected from the biological/geological/societal realities of the world, focused on GROWTH of the economy at all costs, instead of economic STABILITY.

Growth of economy requires growth of population, poor Homo sapiens the world over are but cheap resources placed into the cogs of GROWTH. So what does our government do? to GROW Canada, we import cheap labour, breeding labour.

It is possible that some people view parenthood as a last desperate effort at self-actualization, as providing something to themselves when all other avenues appear to be closed.  But the opposite may also be true: if a person feels that progress in life is hopeless, why participate in generating new life - new life to be sentenced to propitiation of the hopelessness? 

The pro-birth policies in the US I would assume play a big part in the problem.

Jonathan, I agree. Choice. Coupled with education. But let me posit something. We all have what the scientists call the reptilian brain. Do you think it might take over when such base imperatives start to drive us? Like food, shelter, sex? We have evolved to think, reason, use logic, but to what end? To assist us with satisifying our primal imperatives. Like Meatloaf sang, " I started swearing on my life and on my mothers grave, that I would love you to the end of time". Not to be crude, but saying anything to get in her pants. Reason out the window. And the end product, if the timing is right, baby. So, my friend, what do you think? Oh, feel free to call BS if you feel like it. Thanks.

The idea of a selfish 'breeding' gene, not an idea that is agreed upon by a most biologists, and this 'selfish gene' idea has done a great disservice to the ideas we have about procreation in regards to humans. Homo sapiens is but a tribal mammal. Our genetic makeup has NOT significantly changed in over 50,000 years, other than the new genes for green eyes and lactase persistence. Our bioligical makeup is NOT that every member of the tribe breed, our biological makeup, like other primates and large non-herbivors, is that the alpha individuals breed, and the rest support the tribe (or group or whatever terminology is appropriate).

Dawkins may be adulated by atheists, but he's not adulated by his fellow biologists, and that should say a lot.

How could you have an article like this and NOT mention The Duggars???

I was wondering that myself. I kept looking for their picture with the others. They should have added them!

I think we discussed them a bit in the Childless and Godless group.

They are disgusting.



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