The day finally arrived.  Ken Ham's Ark Encounter opened on 7 July, 2016 ... to something a bit less than Disney-sized crowds, and more than a couple dissenting voices!  Seth Andrews has gathered a quartet of significant participants in the protest of Ken's overblown rowboat, who spell out in detail what Opening Day attendance was like, what the ark looked like on the inside, encounters with Ham and others, and some speculation as to just what may be in store for this land-bound boondoggle.

Please enjoy!

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I just did a Google search for news regarding the Ark Museum and didn't see a whole lot of anything new.  One can hope that the pattern of poor attendance which was established at the opening has persisted to this day, but there's nothing in the media to say one way or the other.  No news may be good news.

As for going there myself?  How about: not on my worst day!

Like Loren, I'm not going there.  It would be a major irritation.




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