I just talked to a troubled lady this morning and she revealed to me that her long-time husband had died recently.  Then she added that he had cancer, and was given a 6 month prognosis 10 years ago.  She said she was so blessed because god had given her all those extra years.  She also said that the he really suffered for the second half of those years.


????????????????? ??



Just wanted to vent and see how often you encounter crazy shit like this.

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You aren't mean, booklover. You are practical. And grown. This woman sounds like a big baby. If I were you, I'd Facebook "break up" with her LOL.

I love it that yall are talking about this stuff, because we are all dealing with it in some form or another.  I had a high school acquaintance IM me a few months ago.  We hadn't talked since school (1987), and she wanted to tell me all about her kids and church and all the things I don't care to hear about.  When she asked me where I go to church, I told her I was a good old-fashioned gay atheist.  I never heard from her again.  Mission accomplished!

I recently re connected with people from high school. I was gone for nearly 7 years, in NY and CA, and came back to live here to get a degree, because my parents let me move in rent free, just since I pay for my own food and stuff.

This is a small southern town, where nobody every changes or leaves. I've had all but one, who is also a gay atheist, de friend me. One I de friended myself because he kept dropping bombs re:god vs gay, and starting heated arguments in his feed. I saw what kinds of people he is associated with- a bunch of bible thumping bigots- and saw that his own views on homosexuality are less than kosher...and well, you get the picture. Not really the kind of person I want in my life.

Far too often!  

The whole "God was really looking out for you" thing seems to have no parameters. I was in a terrible motorcycle accident. I broke my back and ribs. Punctured a lung and had to have a chest tube. Got pneumonia and peed blood for 3 weeks. Everyone, without exception told me how lucky I was and/or how God was really looking out for me. My mother had difficulty understanding, with such strong and personal evidence, how I could not believe!

Thanks booklover. I'm on the mend, but it has been hell. I just can't understand their logic. Hell, they would probably say the same thing to a rape victim. "Wow, God was really looking out for you. You could have gotten AIDS"

Good point. The whole thing is strongly related a lack of empathy!

Or a lack of sanity.

The day my dad died (in 1985) some smarmy bitch said, "Well, he's in a better place now," and I yelled, "But I'M not!" 

(Actually, his ashes are in the ocean somewhere. I told my sister that if she outlives me, I don't mind if she just flushes my ashes down the loo.  But I really have already made arrangements. Why should anybody helse have to do it?)

As for being impregnated by a rapist, if for some reason abortion was not an option, I would do away with myself in a NYC minute.  Period.  I would feel so filthy....even though it was not my fault.  Just having that reminder growing inside me would be intolerable.

I'm so glad I'm old, and past that particular fear! 

"In a better place"  Hell, there aren't but two places... here and gone. Here is ALWAYS better

I can't tell you how many times I've heard that particular cliche' since then...spoken about other people, and even pets.  I've never hit anybody in my life, but I've been tempted.

"Howdja like a nice Californian Punch?"


Strong and personal evidence in modern medicine? :)  I believe!

Hear hear!


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