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All through history, tyrants have maintained their positions with the acquiescence if not active participation of religions, often to the detriment of the adherents of rival faiths, there being few better examples than the Cathari of Southern France from the 12th to the 14th century, exterminated en masse by Philippe le Bell with active participation of the clergy.  When evangelicals decry the doctrine of separation of church and state and go to lengths to prove, falsely, that the Founding Fathers were Christian and established the USA as a "Christian nation" they are ignoring the plain lessons of history, and especially the fact that the earliest Americans fled religious persecution in Europe and the British Isles.  These revisionist louts would have us believe that the separation doctrine is a "myth" whereas the writings of Jefferson, Madison, and others make it clear that they were well aware of the abuses of power by kings and popes.




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