The creation myth of civilizations instructs men to dominate, to conquer, to go forth and multiply. No reasonable person would pay attention to such a god. No hunter-gatherer receives such a senseless message from wise elders.

However, that idea reflects exactly what men of Western culture hear, that belief produces the attitude of entitlement they believe they have, that underlies the masculine violation imperative.

The attitude includes violating the sexual autonomy of women and children, even as it reaches beyond the biological boundaries of forests, rivers, and mountains, extending to other peoples of the world and other species, even the planet itself. The myth reaches beyond the physical boundaries of the Earth.  

The rules of this planet come from religion, not from laws of physics or chemistry or geometry. Until humanity can dismantle religion the planet cannot thrive.

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The hunter gatherers were wiser; Do some shopping in the morning, when you've gathered the next meal you cab relax and play.

@Joan: Until humanity can dismantle religion the planet cannot thrive?

Is dismantling religion possible?

What will it require? Making religion so silly that even idiots will reject it?



Tom, I am convinced that reason breaks through to some people, but to others, the only tool is ridicule. Remember the silly, stupid, dreadful, horrific things embedded in their belief system and use such things to evoke humility, shame, and guilt. No need to be gentle with them when their "Burning Times" and "Inquisitions," both Roman Catholic and Protestant, should make them feel guilt and shame. 

I remember reading the Black Narratives and their struggle for human rights. An author wrote so powerfully about the importance of REMEMBERING their history and not let it go as if their race were treated justly. It probably was Martin Luther King because he had such a way with words, one would want to go out and demand/require justice. 




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