Well, Turkey Day is coming soon, and we all want to be showing our (or somebody's) lard and sniveler how THANKFUL we are for his bounteous goodness ... which he tends to lay on the haves and not so much on the have-nots.  And what better person to do the thanking than America's BEST Christian, Betty Bowers!

Take it away, Betty!

Have YOU had YOUR Betty today?

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Is it possible to be thankful for what I am lucky enough to have (and much of it IS luck, although I didn't win the billionairelottery), without being thankful TO someone or something?

Well ... I'm thankful for at least three very important people in my life ... and I have (I hope!) thanked them for the contribution they've made to it.  I have no problem being thankful TO someone who actually exists and is substantial in my life.

Being thankful to something that fails to show up?  'Nother matter!

But in my case, while I'm thankful to my deceased parents and others who helped me acquire the education I needed, I have no one to be thankful to for the other things that fell my way by no more than luck and being in the right place at the right time. I AM grateful for those things, so is it possible to be grateful to blind luck?

Well ... maybe acknowledging blind luck as the agency whereby you experienced something of benefit is tantamount to being "grateful to blink luck."

The neat thing is: it's your life.  You can treat that any way you want, and who's to say you're wrong to?

Reminds me of the Facebook meme: The top shows a nice, white, well-off family clasping hands and saying "Thank you, Jesus" and the bottom shows a Mexican (or other hispanic) farmworker in the field with his dirty gloves and work clothes on saying "Por nada!" :-) That's the truth, isn't it? :-)

I love Betty Bowers but what ARE these drawings at the end of the video? Are they real? What impressions are our kids getting about T-Day? What is with the "slut" comment? Funny but not really, if those are real.

Betty Bowers, might add: The only way Thanksgiving could be better is if Black Friday started before that even more decadent Halloween. [more sarcasm before anyone asks.]

I have about as much use for Black Friday as a snake has for shoes.  That kind of designed madness is manipulative and crazy, from where I sit ... and the fact is that I do most of my shopping online these days anyway.

It took a long time, but I finally got my family to stop exchanging xmas presents. That was liberating!

Religious satire is not my thing, but thanks for sharing.




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