I suppose it was the news that Playboy magazine was returning nudes to its pages after a year's hiatus that sufficiently perked my curiosity to check them out again.  I hadn't looked at Playboy since perhaps 2008, when I began to recognize that I was no longer a part of the demographic they were pitching to.  Now, however, it occurred to me that maybe an online look might be worthwhile, and particularly that one element of the magazine which I had always held great respect for: The Playboy Interview.

Over the years when I did subscribe, the subjects for these intense, personal conversations had ranged all over the map, from The Beatles to Salman Rushdie.  In pulling up the website today, it occurred to me that some of the luminaries of atheism should damned well have been invited to Playboy's table at some point or other.  Viewing their Interview page, I was not surprised to see the usual welter of celebrities, including multiple occurrences of both Donald Trump and Bill Maher.  Upon pressing the site Search tool into service, though, I was disappointed to see no references to Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris or Daniel Dennett.  Upon checking for the last of the Four Horsemen, however, I was pleased to discover a complete interview with Richard Dawkins, conducted by Chip Rowe.

In reading through the interview, there were no great surprises, nor did I especially expect any.  One really good moment, though, was the following interchange:

PLAYBOY: Most objections to evolution seem to come down to complexity. People can’t understand how something like an eye could have evolved.

DAWKINS: No matter how complex the eye may be, it’s not as complicated as a god.

The complete interview may be found here.  Please enjoy.

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The problem is that she started out pro-choice and infamously ended up pro-birth.  Frankly, I'm quite willing to forget her and remember the court decision.

I don't know much about this case as I was young when it took place. She should have kept her real name out of the media spotlight. Ted Kopple on Nightline calls her a drug addict, drug dealer, lesbian, devil worshiper.

She may have also been a Non-Beliver.

Film clip show her being baptized.

Watching through some of Norma McCorvey's second thoughts I wonder if  she may have been caught up in the news media/paparazzi movement such as Annita Bryant.

Okay, you "interview-first" guys, tell us you didn't peek at the centerfold first.

After the c-fold I went for the cartoons. Because I flipped pages from back to front, I saw the next-month page before the cartoons. During the exciting 1960s I read the Philosophy before the Interview.

Playboy's taking out the nudes reminded me that soon after Esquire took out its nudes Hefner started Playboy (with Marilyn of course). The male body does eventually slow its production of testosterone. I recently told my female MD my life was becoming calmer and she gave me a conspiratorial grin.

I was always pretty linear in reading Playboy, but then that's how I have been and currently am reading most magazines.  The only exception these days is if an audiophile mag is reviewing a piece of equipment I have a particular interest in.

As for the nudes, I knew they were there, and I knew I'd get to them eventually.  Maybe I'm short on testosterone, but I was never impatient about that.



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