this is why i am an atheist. long ago a friend died, and i had to try figure out why. i was still a mild believer. my grandma had repeatedly fed me the mantra, god is love. so why wud a just, benevolent god, who is love, create this world, filled as it is with evil? thats my question.

nother query. how many of you were turned to atheism by this?

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ok. some of us know domination theory well, but some of us do not. those that dso not, shud. im sorry if my explanation pissed you off.

Tom - Of course what you say is 100% correct. The only thing I can add is that since the overwhelming voting block is 'Christian' - whom are the spawns of Judaism - support for their surrogate parents (Jews) is obligatory.  As atheists we're screwed basically.

I have no dog in any fight with Israel. They are NOT my people any more than the Palestain peoples are not mine. I don't 'come from them' any of them as far as I can tell - and for that I'm neutral about all thoe countries. I don't like my taxes going to aid and abet any of them. To many dogs in this fight.

Carl, I'm seeing your concern about whether the postings here are justifying this thread's continuation.

As a result, I'm realizing that not since I was in Catholic school religion classes have I heard of or given thought to the Problem of Evil. Methinks I've been confusing instances of evil, such as those people have reported here, with the problem of evil.

Does the following identify the issue better?

The Problem of Evil is that believers, at least those who claim their supreme being is good, cannot admit that he/she/it created evil, and further cannot explain his/her/its allowing evil to exist.


Madhukar, when I say insensitivity does not reside in words, but in readers' sensitivities to words, I know well what I am saying.

You have often shown your sensitivity to what others have said here, as you did in asking rhetorically (not for information, but to state your position) if I know what I'm saying.

You surely know there are no sensitivities in the marks you read on the screen; they are but marks on the screen. You react as you do and I react as I do.


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