Malala Yousufzai a 14-year-old Pakistani schoolgirl campaigner shot by the Taliban had defied threats for years, believing the good work she was doing for her community was her best protection, her father said on Wednesday.
[She] was shot and seriously wounded ... as she was leaving her school in her hometown in the Swat valley...
The Taliban claimed responsibility, saying her promotion of education for girls was pro-Western and she had opposed them.
The citizens of Pakistan are overwhelmingly pissed at the Taliban. They have not only drawn the ire of the citizens but also of the government and the military. She was visited by the head of the Pakistan military who condemned the act.

She is being treated in a military hospital - her condition is still critical but the doctors are cautiously optimistic.
Just another gift of religion.

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...let's thank the gods for their wonderful gifts!

I got a better idea: let's thank the docs and nurses and support staff who are working to keep her alive!  That kid has got guts most of us couldn't DREAM of.  She deserves the ability to continue to speak out!

I hope she survives and continues to speak out, but the thought that the attack on Malala will incite people to keep their daughters home makes me very bitter.

That kid has got guts most of us couldn't DREAM of.

Bravo to that!

Hate to disagree, but when the Taliban government was thrown out of power in Afghanistan, we initially saw people rejoicing in the streets. So, if they hated them so much, how come those particular warlords haven't disappeared? In fact, Afghani soldiers, after being trained, seemed to be defecting and fighting for them. And, they seem to be gaining strength - both in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Yes, people have expressed their outrage over this. Just as they expressed outrage over a girl having her nose cut off, or another having acid thrown in her face, or stoning to death, all done by these degenerate SOBs. The problem is, outrage has no effect on them, or their behavior, whatsoever. 

It's my understanding that the main reason people in Afghanistan support the Taliban is that the government which we support is so horribly corrupt and useless.

I'm glad to hear the public is on her side.

This may lead to the sort of Enlightenment all progressive people could hope for where martyrs are sometimes created by holy men saying God wants to hurt innocent people in the name of the prophet, slay them all and Allah will sort His own.  This child is that most precious thing born of man: as another prophet put it, willing to lay down her life for those of others.  Only when man understands the truth of Donne's meditations will we realize a quantum theoretical potentiality: infinite and vast connectedness on the subatomic level, not just spacially but in time.

Since I posted this discussion 5 days ago, Malala's story has hit the "front page" in international news - as well it should. She has been transferred to a British hospital - which is the hospital where critical war injuries are sent. She will have world class treatment and , more importantly , she and her family will be free of reprisals from the “religious warriors for Allah” [may 10,000 Camel fleas infest their privates] . I don't think her condition has changed from critical.

My youngest grand daughter is Malala's age and, if she was in Malala's world, she would likely be very similar to Malala - that gives me a chill running up my back.

History has many incidences in which the acts and the fate of a single individual ignites the bomb, the bomb already present in the population but needs the spark.




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