1 Corinthians 2: 2: For I determined not

to know any thing among you, save Jesus

Christ, and him crucified.


Surah 4: 157: That they said in boast ‘we

killed Christ Isa, the son of Mary’…but

they killed him not, nor crucified him.


The Bible says that Jesus was crucified, Quran says that he was not crucified. There are controversies about Jesus, including one that he did not exist t all. Quran says he existed alright. What is the truth about him? Atheists who have Not been christians will want to know.

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Sorry about the nickname.  I didn’t mean any disrespect.

About the quote by Gaylord Simpson, it should be noted that he was a renowned and famous scientist, not a local mullah or priest with merely seminary training or the Islamic equivalent.  During the evolutionary synthesis of the ‘20s, with the confirmation of Darwinism by the new science of genetics, (mutation helped explain generational changes), there was an excitement about how worldview was finally clarified. 

Russian geneticist, Theodius Dubzansky, even went on to say that no new discovery can be accepted unless it is in conformity with evolutionary theory. 

I think Simpson said this because belief in the supernatural distorts one’s teleology, i.e. the purpose of life.  Most religious people believe there will be a final judgment with heaven or hell as the final reward according to the person’s behavior.  But to a non-believer like myself, and many others on A/N, this concept is ridiculous.  Could an all-loving God create an individual, knowing full well beforehand that the person was going to burn in hell for eternity—a pretty nasty thing to do.  Do you see the inconsistency here?  A deity, entity, individual (whatever you want to call it) cannot be “all-good and all-loving” and a sadist at the same time. 

Both the Bible and Koran are chockfull of inconsistencies like this. 

Check out my latest blog post on a compilation of Biblical quotations composed by the illustrious, atheist, feminist writer, Barbara Walker, author of Man Made God.  I think you’ll be astounded by what religious people actually believe.  Non-believers will have fun with it, as I did.  It’s like hitting you on the head with your own belief system. 


Richard Goscicki

No need to say sorry, I have not taken any offfence.

Both the Bible and Koran are chockfull of inconsistencies like this.

As a matter of fact, I believe that all scriptures arelikely to have incinsistancies, and it is good to point out them. Your reply is  excellent and informative.


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