I must be really stupid. I keep getting question 8 wrong, and instead of going back to just do it over I go back to the beginning. People who commented seemed to get much further and find it easy. Maybe somebody smarter can cue me in.

The Vision Test

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I stopped before the commercial was over. I guess I missed all the questions...
Hi - - - I didn't keep track of the time (30 minutes, I think).  I had to repeat a couple of spots.  I got to a picture of an optical illusion device (sort of triangular, with joints that reminded me of an Escher drawing).  I clicked on "define real" and I was transferred to a dictionary.  When I clicked the back arrow, it went to the start page.  So, I guess I finished it.
I think it was the fourth level.

I got board of it at about 42 - I've got stuff on!  Does anything amazing happen?  Do you get to the end or what!?

I can give you answers if you want....


a,d,d,b,c,d,a,d,d,c,b,a,d,b,b,d,b,b,d,c,b,d,c,d,b,a,d,c,c,a,a,click the dot after the question number,c,b,a,b,d,c,d,b,a.... :)

Agreed; we're not idiots for not (easily) getting the devious and idiosyncratic ways the author thought. Several of the questions are just plain ambiguous.

And question 21 is misleading in its rendering of one of the colors.

There are a few cute trick questions, though.

Anyway, if you try the game, don't take it too seriously.

I give up on this game. It's too idiosyncratic and doesn't seem to have closure.

You've still been playing it all this time?

What's up with the sign? Was it part of the game?




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