I work in an office full of deeply religious women. I am the "pet" atheist. Most of them think that I'm just bucking the system. I am meant to "overhear" several "covert" comments such as: "No one can believe in nothing." or "I'm raising *my* children in a good, christian home.". I have yet to meet a single atheist here. Well, there's one, but he's atheist-chic. It seems like the cool thing to be, so...

I was never outspoken about my lack of belief in a deity, but I would answer honestly if asked. Of course, office gossip is faster than email, so everyone knew within moments of my having "outed" myself. I was asked christmas before last if I was all ready. I must've been in a bad mood because I didn't give the usual noncommittal answer of "hmumhm", but stated that I don't celebrate it. When asked why, I let the bomb out, that I don't believe in a god. This didn't go over very well, and of course, she told me that I couldn't be a nonbeliever because I'm too good and helpful a person, ending with "I'll be praying for you".

These women truly can't get it in their heads that I don't believe. They all think that I'll have some Paul-esk vision or something. I've long since given up trying to defend my position, but they haven't. I feel like an atheist in a foxhole.

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I received two copies of The Humanist this month, so I'll be taking the one that has no address on it and putting it in the lobby area. They won't know it's me because it's too big a hospital. Thank you all for the encouraging responses! I've found them very kind and lovely. I've been in Roswell for about seven years now, and have yet to meet a real atheist, so this sense of community is quite nice.




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