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What a cruel thing for Sally to say to the teenage girl about her recently deceased boyfriend.  Let's hope word spreads and her future shows have smaller and smaller audiences!

Hmmmmm...technically, Sally is (posing as) a medium, not a psychic.  Mediums supposedly get messages from the dead ("I'm in a box, decomposing.")  Psychics usually pretend to know what's going on with living people, or invent future events.

I have problems occasionally when I'm writing up event announcements for The Pet Press, and the event (usually an adoption fair with other attractions to interest the public) includes a "pet psychic" ...someone who claims to be able to tell you about your dog or cat's emotional state, or even diagnose illnesses, either by touching the actual pet, or holding a photograph.  It makes me want to scream that these people exist, and that the marks actually believe what they tell them, and PAY them!

Don't people know what "Cold Reading" is by now?  James Randi and others have certainly said , and written, a helluva lot about the tricks/techniques...and demonstrated them on popular talk shows.  It's old, OLD carny stuff. 

"Faith Healers" use it, too.....

Thanks Felaine, very interesting about how theydo their magic using cold readings. 

Wonder if you have seen the movie, Nightmare Alley, directed by Edmund Goulding, a Tyrone Power vehicle. Power plays a "psychic" who works with a confederate in nightclub gigs, astonishing the audiences with his ability to read their minds, communicate with departed loved ones, and other feats. Actually, what is happening is that the confederate uses a coded language to communicate to Power the things she learns surreptitiously. Eventually, Power tires of working nightly for a wage and teams up with a disreputable psychiatrist who, naturally, knows the most intimate secrets of her patients. The movie is famous for popularizing the epithet, "geek," because, when Power is exposed as an extortionist and a fraud, he has to take it on the lam, starts hitting the hooch, and eventually winds up in a carnival freak show, playing a geek, earning his nightly wage of a quart of rotgut in exchange for biting the heads off chickens for a gawking audience of rubes.

Although he did magic tricks for years, the Great Randi quit to expose the fraud of psychic phenomena. Randi wound up on the board of a secularist organization and lectures as often as possible on the subject of psychism as a con. He explains that psychics work almost exactly as depicted in Nightmare Alley. They prod the gullible for a few facts, then feel their way into telling them just what they want to know, using a process of elimination and good old human psychology. Psychics are bogus, all right.

This sounds just grossly stupid! Can't even imagine anyone trusting such a charlatan. It doesn't sound like an interesting experience to me. Of all possible things to do, I would place it at -0-. 

I would place it below -0- Joan.  The opposite of interesting.  Very annoying is what I would call it.




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