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Anyway - read the article about the GQ photo shoot here.


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Yeah it's not a good look - yeah I wonder about them alright.

I find this photo disturbing for some reason.  There’re so many people hung up in this celebrity bullshit.  They should publish Tebow’s SAT scores and IQ along with the photo.  How smart can he be to take the above pose, as if he were anointed with magical Biblical oil?  He’s been anointed all right, but with the oil of BP and Exxon that fuels this frenzied, all-consuming economy. 

This isn’t a picture of a football player. It’s the image of what happens to a generation that’s been dumbed down by mindless consumerism.  Reminds me of a favorite line by Allan Ginsberg: 

What sphinx of cement and aluminum bashed open their skulls and ate up their brains and imagination? 


Reply to Ginsberg's question: "Television, technology, and celebrity worship." 

There also seems to be at least two generations of parents (starting with mine, I'm afraid) who believe that all there is to raising kids is producing them and then letting the schools, churches, other public agencies, and organized after-school activities do all the work.  I've been seeing too many kids of all ages who don't know how to behave in public, and the parents are totally unconscious of it.  All of them, including the kids, are distracted by texting or yakking on their cell phones. 

One thing I don't understand is "celebrities" who aren't famous for accomplishing something, but are just famous for being famous.  Manufactured by TV and tabloids.  I first noticed that back in the early 1980s, and was bewildered by it.  I still am.                                   

What bothers me the most is the realization that in a few years these little wild animals will be old enough to have their own children...

I'm SO glad I'm old! I'm just hoping that I don't run out of money before it's time for my dirt nap.  (Actually, my ashes are going to be fish food.)

Beautiful reply, Cat.  Your first line is certainly a big part of it.  The Ginsberg line is from Howl on Youtube in case you'd like to listen to the whole thing.  The answer it the question is Mulak, whose mind is pure machinery, Mulak whose blood is running money, etc.

“One thing I don't understand is "celebrities" who aren't famous for accomplishing something, but are just famous for being famous.” 

Good point.  It’s interesting how almost every celebrity you can think of fits the ideal corporate image:  fashionable, competitive as hell, pleasant to look at, well spoken (even sports stars can’t make it big unless they show these attributes.)  Ever see a movie star with bad teeth?  Ugly people are even discriminated against in job interviews. 

It all comes down to mind control and what’s good for the flow of money.  As Calvin Coolidge said, “The business of America is business.” And that was in the ‘mid-20s. 

Here’s a good example of what I’m trying to get at:  Consider a TV commercial with Shaq O’Neal pitching some fast food.  What the heck does he know about nutrition or even good taste?  Yet, fans will run out and buy Ring-a-dings or whatever the heck he’s pitching. Seems to make no sense at all, but in a mind-controlled state, it does.


Yeah Richard I think his IQ and SAT scores are very low!

But his ego is enormous.

He knows it's all a game, and he'll milk it for every penny he can while he's on top.  I'll bet he'd abide by any exploitive, stupid idea the marketers come up with.  Suddenly all that religion bs is swept aside.  Betcha he'll be in some sort of sex scandal before long.



Exactly what I was thinking.
Sex scandal or nudity.

Fun just to comtemplate, Steph.  OK, here's a poser for you.  How is Tim going to rationalize and explain his conspicuous frontal view on Playgirl or some hot magazine? 

1) The devil made me do it.

2) I did it to show God's creation is good.

3) I needed the money to give to charity. 

4) I wanted to be a role model for impoverished kids. Anything for a buck, right. 

5) Jesus was almost nude on the cross, so nudity is OK. 

Fun stuff. 



Richard I can picture him doing this in the near future - saying these excuses. Perhaps a movie role that would not fit into his Xtian beliefs.
Just something to make more money. And you know it's all about the money.

One of George Carlin's best lines about ghod,"...he LOVES you, and he needs MONEY!"

*sigh* I wish Carlin was still alive, he'd be having a wonderful time with the silly-ass political circus this year!

That's the point.  With low intelligence, he shouldn’t be such a hero and role model.  Americans have been dumbed down by TV and the media.  He has high status because he’s attractive, rich and wins ball games—not for being intelligent and a good person. 

Consider the medieval epic Beowulf.  He was a hero because he had a strong grip and slew the dragon.  Our heroes run fast and jump high.  Also, all sports involve some sort of aiming, as a spear or bow and arrow.  It’s a throwback to hunter/gatherer stages.  Tibow throws “a bomb” (NFL jargon for long pass) to score a touchdown. 

We haven’t evolved very far from the Dark Ages.

Just an aside on this:  When I was teaching high school biology, I had a star basketball player in my class named Jane.  She was dumb as can be and never did her homework, but the other students looked up to her and treated her like a celebrity.  It used to anger the heck out of me but I couldn’t do anything about it.


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