To my intelligent, creative, funny, full of character, mouthy, moody, lippy women who make a difference, not only in my life but in the lives of women on Earth. 

I see you as you appear to be, and sometimes I see those hidden ideas that come out only tentatively as we explore, experiment and give meaning to who you are. Remember Ed Lindaman said, 



We are not made to be perfect human beings; we are made to be perfectly imperfect, with idiosyncrasies that make each one of us unique. I don’t want you to mirror me or my principles, I want you to stand on your own principles and tell me about them. We may agree or disagree, but we can share, compare, contrast, as we discover more about ourselves and each other.  

We are not weak or dependent or passive or subordinate to others. We think and come to our conclusions based on evidence. There is no dogma or doctrine created to which we submit. We are not created to serve others, but to find our own internal knowledge and reveal it to the world. 

Ultimately, happiness comes to us by being part of a community and sharing in the responsibilities and pleasures of participation. 

We are not created to obey; that is the doctrine of people who herd sheep or who want a sheep herder to tell them how to think and what to do. We have brains and they exist to reason, consider, compare and contrast abstract thought. We have our senses to feed us information that is real, not someone else’s interpretation of what is real. 

I see red; you may see gray. That is not out of stubbornness but because the rods and cones in our eye balls see differently. I will tell you what I see and I want you to tell me what you see. 

I see a round Earth and you may see a flat one. That is because we have different perspectives. I see all Homo sapiens evolving from slime and you may see man as being created from dust and woman created from man’s rib. I understand the Earth is 4.55 billion years old, you may understand it to be 8,014 years old. We have different perspectives and we draw our conclusions from different sources. 

We have different perspectives. Not all perspectives are real. We need to be discerning in what we think and what source informs us. 

It is my job to tell what I know; it is yours to tell what you know. If there is a difference, then we have the opportunity to exchange ideas and draw our individual conclusions. 

Silence serves no one. Speak your truth with confidence and competence. Be strong enough to actively listen and speak. That celebrates woman’s day! 

Joan Denoo   Sunday, May 11, 2014


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Monday already, but Happy Woman's Day to you Joan!

I hope your day goes well, that problems melt away, and you feel rested, calm and in control of your life even in the face of uncontrollable events. 




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